Review: Angry God

Thursday 27 February 2020 No comments

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story was freakin fantastic, in a dark, sadistic and utterly disturbing way!

Boy, can LJ Shen write. Her stories are always entertaining but her words make her stories utterly breathtaking. Nothing seems to phase her, be it a difficult or daunting storyline or just A-holes, as is the case with the Spencer men.

It seems a while now since we endured the pleasures that Vicious bestowed upon us but he certainly created a new monster in his son, Vaughn. Right from the outset, Vaughn is cold, calculating and downright malicious towards his nemesis, Lenora Astalis.

Despite growing up together and being jointly moulded towards their destinies, they are worlds apart when it comes towards relationships. As children, Vaughn bullied Lenora, as adolescents, Lenora turned the table and started biting back. By the time they are at college together the gloves are off and what was once idle resentment towards each other explodes into something far more sinister.

The magic to this story is the secret that is revealed as you read on. Vaughn is has become the man he has for a reason and, for once, that reason is not his father. Despite her love/hate relationship with the idea of Vaughn, Lenora starts to unpeel his many, damaged layers and eventually manages to find the human being that she longed for beneath his abusive demeanour.

The story was dark but it was also sublime. Both characters were 100% endearing despite their cold and calculated ways. The essence of the story was heartbreaking but also rewarding. When you combine these many fascets you have a story that will reward you for your perseverance in a way that no other could.

Via Audible, this story was brought to life in such a way that made the story even more amazing. The narrators did a fantastic job and must be commended for the part they played in making what is a truly exceptional book.


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Sneak Peak of We Are Us by Tara Leigh

Friday 21 February 2020 No comments

We Are Us, an all-new “powerful and beautifully written” love story from Tara Leigh is releasing February 27th, and we have a sneak peek inside this not-to-be-missed novel!


Sounds break through my insulated cocoon of unconsciousness. Harsh sounds. Ugly sounds. Buzzing. Beeping. Humming.
The fingers of my left hand twitch with the impulse to swat at… something. An alarm clock? The television remote? But although my wedding rings slide around my finger, my arm doesn’t move. Almost as if the platinum bands have turned into lead, weighing me down.
Panic whispers at the edge of my mind, though there is no corresponding pulse of adrenaline through my veins, forcing me into action. My limbs are heavy and uncooperative.
Make it stop. Make it stop. Make it stop.
Despite my silent pleas, the unwelcome orchestra continues its assault. Buzz. Beep. Hum.
It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this awful, this lethargic. Filled with an all-encompassing exhaustion that has seeped into the marrow of my bones.
Survivor’s guilt, apparently. Sleeping the day away is preferable to facing what happened, what I’ve done. The dawn of a new day isn’t a fresh start, a new beginning.
It is a violation. A betrayal.
Make it stop.
Finally, I manage to clutch at my covers, dragging them over my head. Egyptian cotton, a thread count so high it could be spun of silk. Surely it will muffle the noise. 
But something is wrong. The fabric is rough beneath my fingertips. It doesn’t smell of the lavender and verbena packets tucked into the shelves of the linen closet. And there is a sterilized stench to the air I didn’t notice before.
The whisper of panic becomes more of a murmur, then a shout. This isn’t my bed.
The beeping noises pick up, racing now. My breaths quicken, my lungs throbbing from the sharp bite of bleach with each shallow inhale.
Hospital. I am in a hospital. The buzzing and beeping and humming. Those are machines.
What happened? Think, think.
My mind is frustratingly blank even as my skin prickles with memories of another time. Another confused awakening. Another frantic search for memories. Did he… No. He wouldn’t dare. Not again. Not ever again.

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Review: Dominik

Thursday 20 February 2020 No comments

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another quick but no less enjoyable story in the Arizona Vengeance series.

After Tacker's story, which I had been desperate to read, I wasn't sure if another story would hold my interest but after being teased about Dominik and Willow's interactions, I knew reading on was not an option!

Willow was a really intriguing character especially as she appears to be the only woman to be not interested in Dominik or his good looks, wealth, success and charismatic ways. Willow's reticence to have anything other than the odd one night stand with Dominik perplexes him and the more Willow ignores him, the more he chases after her.

Being a photojournalist and travelling to some of the most dangerous places on earth, Willow lives her life on a knife-edge but when she returns home to the US, she agrees to meet up with Dominik again. However, Willow has one thing on her mind and that's the opposite of what Dominik wants from her.

With Willow back on home soil, Dominik knows this is his only chance to win her over but when he finds out she has been badly burned in a relationship before he accepts that in order to make her fall for him he must take his time. That is until he doesn't!

I really enjoyed Willow and Dominik's connection and I must admit to being a sucker for Dominik all through this series. I became slightly irritated when Dominik's willingness to take his time with Willow did an about-turn but even then, with emotion and passion driving him forward and in the heat of the moment, he does the opposite of his intentions but in such a sweet way. Fortunately, Willow finds herself in a situation which makes her re-evaluate her life and Dominik is able to fly in to save the day.

This is the first story in this series that I've listened to via Audible and whilst the experience was enjoyable, I think I prefer reading these stories at my own pace. The narrators, whilst clearly experienced, seemed to rush through their words and were almost gabbling at times. Even slowing down the talking speed didn't help, sadly.

I am so pleased to see that there is yet another book planned in this amazing series as I am in no way ready to be done with the Arizona Vengeance.


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Currently Reading: Dominik

Wednesday 19 February 2020 No comments
Dominik Dominik by Sawyer Bennett



"I just need you to know what we have between us is beautiful, and it’s more than I’d ever dreamed of having in my life.”

He's the alpha billionaire who owns the Arizona Vengeance.
She's the relationship averse sister of one of his star players.

Download this standalone hockey romance now:
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🎧 Audible (narrated by Christian Fox and Erin Mallon):

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Currently Reading: The Will

The Will The Will by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Re-read for the third time because once and twice is simply not enough!!!

Kristen Ashley's books can only be rated on a scale of 5-10!!! ❤️

Ahhhh, Grandma's letter gets me everytime!!!

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Cover Reveal - Sunrise over Sapphire Bay by Holly Martin

Monday 17 February 2020 No comments

How gorgeous is the beautiful cover for the new book by @HollyMAuthor Sunrise over Sapphire Bay. It's out on April 24th but you can preorder your copy now

Review: Secretly Hers

Tuesday 11 February 2020 No comments

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh Trip, you just melted my heart!

I loved this story so much, despite the pain and suffering. Kelsey and Trip were fantastic characters and they were set up perfectly in the first instalment so much so that I was almost salivating waiting to read their story.

Trip is your typical larger-than-life-ladies-man and Kelsey is a hopeless romantic, always looking for love and desperately wanting to settle down, get married and have babies. With the duo poles apart with their outlook on life, you'd be forgiven for thinking that they could never get together but you know what they say about opposites attract!

Despite Trip's womanising ways, he has a soft spot for Kelsey and does his best to ensure that she doesn't get hurt, despite promising her nothing more than a casual relationship until she finds Mr Right.

As time goes by and their sexual relationship moves on, the two become closer but only Kelsey is aware that her fondness for Trip is turning into love. Trip on the other hand, apart from being exclusive with Kelsey, has no idea that his heart has become irrevocably joined to Kelsey's until they break apart and the separation is incredibly emotional.

We finally get to find out a little more about Trip's background and why he is reluctant to talk about his family in this story and when his brother comes to town, sparks really start to fly.

Once again, this was a really enjoyable story to listen to. It was lighthearted, despite the pain that Kelsey and Trip suffered, and nicely set the scene for Emma's story.


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Review: Accidentally Hers

Friday 7 February 2020 No comments

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What's not to love with this story. There's snow, romance, drama, and heartbreak!

Another KU & Free to Listen To book series and having read one of the author's books before I knew this would be another hit with me.

These stories are easy to listen to, have fun characters to be around, exciting storylines with lots of drama and angst, if that's what rocks your boat. For me, I can do without angst and some of this story was drawn out because of it but add it to the rest of the package and this could be overlooked.

This story is about physical therapist Avery Randall and Grey Lowell. When the two see each other across a bar and Grey coins the name "Bambi" for Avery, I guess all bets were off about their possible relationship but with Avery's friend Kelsey clearly having designs on Grey following a drunken kiss, Avery knows that she must deter the attraction she felt for Grey. Assuming that she will not see Grey again and with any hopes of a date with the man clearly on the back burner, her life is turned upside down when Grey is knocked off his bike after leaving the bar and is injured by none other than Avery's brother, Andy.

With Grey the best and only PT in town at that time, she finds herself in a dilemma. Does she treat the man who has a claim against her brother? That's ignoring the fact that they are clearly attracted to each other!

Inevitably, Avery finds herself in an impossible situation as she falls for Grey. Between hurting her brother, family and her friend, Avery is torn between wanting to explore what she has with Grey and not alienating her family. Add to the mix that Grey could take her home in order to cover his costs following the accident and with Andy's possible prison sentence, it's a miracle Avery doesn't have a breakdown.

What makes it harder to see through this nightmare is that Andy is a really nice guy and seeing the effect of his getting drunk and knocking Grey off his bike is heartbreaking to witness but with Grey unable to work and run his ski-expedition company Backtrax, Andy knows that he is facing long term troubles which will not only affect him but Avery as well.

As expected, when Avery and Grey's relationship becomes known, Avery finds herself in an even bigger dilemma as she decides who to side with: her family or the man she loves and hopes to have a future with.

As you can see, this is drama-ville with problems on top of problems for poor Avery and Grey but will they find a way to resolve all of their differences without one losing everything they have worked hard for?

Despite the tension throughout the story, this was a really enjoyable read. The pace was about right and the story captivating, if slightly exhausting at times. Talk about a hard-fought-for HEA! Next up is the enigmatic Trips, story and his fight to find love, with Kelsey of all people.


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Review: Silent Vows

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Despite my rather hesitant approach to book 1, I found myself quite enjoying book 2 and Myra and Todd's story.

With witch Grainna still determined to break the curse placed on her by the ancient druids and in need of a virgin in order to regain her youth etc, the MacCoinnich's know that they must keep Myra safe. With only one option open to her, the family prepare Myra to travel to the present day with instructions to meet up with Tara's sister and nephew. With a plan to fake amnesia, Myra is questioned by the police following her mysterious appearance and that's when Officer Todd Blakely's life steps into preternatural realms as he becomes close to Myra and finds a need to protect her.

Todd and Myra soon fall for each other and with love comes trust and slowly Myra reveals her story to Todd. Todd, understandably, finds Myra' story impossible to believe but as he continues to investigate the disappearance of Tara and Gwen (as she is known in the present day), he comes to realise that Myra's story is true, if still unbelievable.

When Myra returns home Todd is devastated but her return is not the end of the story or their romance. With Grainna still on a mission to return to Rennaisance Scotland, Todd finds himself once again fighting to protect Myra and her family and this fight takes him to Scotland and once again into the arms of Myra.

I have come to love the characters in this series and I will definitely be reading on further in order to see what happens to the playboy brother, Finlay, and his explosive connection with Tara's sister, Lizzie.


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