Review: Secretly Hers

Tuesday 11 February 2020

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh Trip, you just melted my heart!

I loved this story so much, despite the pain and suffering. Kelsey and Trip were fantastic characters and they were set up perfectly in the first instalment so much so that I was almost salivating waiting to read their story.

Trip is your typical larger-than-life-ladies-man and Kelsey is a hopeless romantic, always looking for love and desperately wanting to settle down, get married and have babies. With the duo poles apart with their outlook on life, you'd be forgiven for thinking that they could never get together but you know what they say about opposites attract!

Despite Trip's womanising ways, he has a soft spot for Kelsey and does his best to ensure that she doesn't get hurt, despite promising her nothing more than a casual relationship until she finds Mr Right.

As time goes by and their sexual relationship moves on, the two become closer but only Kelsey is aware that her fondness for Trip is turning into love. Trip on the other hand, apart from being exclusive with Kelsey, has no idea that his heart has become irrevocably joined to Kelsey's until they break apart and the separation is incredibly emotional.

We finally get to find out a little more about Trip's background and why he is reluctant to talk about his family in this story and when his brother comes to town, sparks really start to fly.

Once again, this was a really enjoyable story to listen to. It was lighthearted, despite the pain that Kelsey and Trip suffered, and nicely set the scene for Emma's story.


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