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Neighbors Neighbors by Stylo Fantome
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Devilishly hot and outrageously naughty, Stylo Fantome has once again left me enraptured by her storytelling!

So, as is blatantly obvious from the title, this book is about neighbors, got it, it’s about neighbors with added benefits, got it, it’s about neighbors we would all love in our lives (if only in our dreams), got it, so, why am I left wondering what on earth I have just read and loved.

Right from the start we’re slapped in the face with a healthy dose of sexy neighbor, aka Liam Eden-fluffy-pants (yes, I had the same problem as poor Katya) as he finds himself looking at her dating profile which has been heavily kinked-up thanks to Katya’s roommate. With the personality of a goody two-shoes and the image of a librarian, Katya is anything but the sexy, confident and kinky profile that has been created for her but that’s exactly what attracts Liam to her.

Faced with Liam’s good looks and fun-loving personality, Katya decides to throw caution to the wind and sets off to explore her inner naughtiness. It helps that Liam owns a sex club and, as you can guess, things get pretty heated right from the outset. Normally, Katya has a three date rule before even offering up a kiss, but with Liam all bets are off as she quickly finds herself in-public-flagrante! Despite her initial reservations, Katya throws herself into her “date” with Liam and it's not until the next day that she wonders just what she let herself in for.

Liam is the epitome of a dream man and yet, Katya looks to him only for friendship and their occasional sexual encounters (I know, she must be crazy). The man who holds her heart comes along immediately after her initial liaison with Liam and that man is Wulfric Stone, the neighbor that she grew up watching through her bedroom window and secretly crushed on throughout her teenage years. When Wulf walks into her shop and orders a cake, Katya initially assumes that he doesn’t recognise her but when his assistant returns with a “demand” that she meet up with him, Katya is stunned into acceptance. Wulfic is everything she has ever wanted but at the same time he is clearly wrong for her. He is sexy but cold, attractive but distant and yet, Katya is continually drawn back to spending time with him, and boy does she! Wulfic is the complete opposite to Liam. A man of few words and even fewer actions as Katya soon comes to realise.

It is clear as you read on that there is more to the story and boy is there a twist in the tail. Between Liam and Wulf, Katya (and us readers alike) must decide who is the man for her. Does she fall for the sweet and kind Liam or the dark and brooding Wulf?

As always with Stylo Fantome, you get so much more story than meets the eye. Her books definitely pack a punch. I really hope that we don’t have to wait too long for book 2, my sensibilities couldn’t stand it!

This ebook was kindly provided by the author prior to release in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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