Review: Silent Vows

Friday 7 February 2020

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Despite my rather hesitant approach to book 1, I found myself quite enjoying book 2 and Myra and Todd's story.

With witch Grainna still determined to break the curse placed on her by the ancient druids and in need of a virgin in order to regain her youth etc, the MacCoinnich's know that they must keep Myra safe. With only one option open to her, the family prepare Myra to travel to the present day with instructions to meet up with Tara's sister and nephew. With a plan to fake amnesia, Myra is questioned by the police following her mysterious appearance and that's when Officer Todd Blakely's life steps into preternatural realms as he becomes close to Myra and finds a need to protect her.

Todd and Myra soon fall for each other and with love comes trust and slowly Myra reveals her story to Todd. Todd, understandably, finds Myra' story impossible to believe but as he continues to investigate the disappearance of Tara and Gwen (as she is known in the present day), he comes to realise that Myra's story is true, if still unbelievable.

When Myra returns home Todd is devastated but her return is not the end of the story or their romance. With Grainna still on a mission to return to Rennaisance Scotland, Todd finds himself once again fighting to protect Myra and her family and this fight takes him to Scotland and once again into the arms of Myra.

I have come to love the characters in this series and I will definitely be reading on further in order to see what happens to the playboy brother, Finlay, and his explosive connection with Tara's sister, Lizzie.


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