4 Star Review: Saint (Boston Underworld, #4) by A. Zavarelli

Friday 5 May 2017 No comments
Saint (Boston Underworld, #4)Saint by A. Zavarelli
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another great instalment in the Boston Underworld series.

Having read the other books I was interested to see how I'd enjoy the audio version and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Normally, books with accents don't carry across into audio very well, and books with Scottish accents often end up more Russian but this narrator held the Irish lilt perfectly. That said, I think I would have preferred to have read this book due to it's gritty and violent nature but that's just my personal preference and in no way detracts from the audio version.

I'm not sure that I was a fan of Scarlett in this book that is until we start to realise who made her the way she is today. She's one violent cookie though and her violent streak, in part, is what attracts Rory to her but he also sees her vulnerability and decides that he will be the man to save her. Rory was a dream of a character though and I loved his story.

Storm and Booker added an interesting mix into this storyline and I am left wondering if we will get more from this delicious duo in the future.

All of the usual gang are present in this instalment and the syndicate family is continually reinforced throughout the book. Yes, they are Mafia but they are all so loveable that you put aside their hard edges in order to welcome them into your hearts.


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