Review: Rock Bottom

Wednesday 10 July 2013 No comments
Rock Bottom Rock Bottom by Jade C. Jamison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ethan is back and boy was he missed!!!

Ethan’s story continues after his most recent drug induced outburst has caused him to loose his wife, Val, to his best friend, Brad. His drug addiction has consumed him and everything around him and Ethan knows that if he wants to turn his life around and to save his band he needs to find help and quickly.

Having been referred to Soaring Free,a drug and alcohol support group, Ethan meets Jenna, a drug and alcohol counsellor who also happens to run Soaring Free. Instantly attracted to her no nonsense attitude Ethan hits her with his tried and tested flirtatious attitude. Although attracted to him and his outrageously sexy proposals, Jenna remains true to her beliefs and offers him no more than one-to-one counselling. Not used to rejection, Ethan soon realises that his feelings for Jenna run deep and he sets about trying to get her to admit that see too has feelings for him.

The story is passionate and heart-warming but it also shows the power of depression. Everyone has suffered depression at one time in their lives but it’s hard to imagine depression on a scale where your only option is to numb yourself in order to live day by day and yet clinical depression is faced by so many people in all walks of life.

I simply can’t wait for the next book in the Bullet series, Jet’s story is one I really need to read!!!

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