5+++ Star Review: A Pack of Love and Hate by Olivia Wildenstein

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5+++ Stars 🐾🐾

This series has quickly sky-rocketed to one of my all-time favourites. All three books have been fast-paced and captured the story of shifter love, life and rivalry perfectly, in my opinion. The characters are all memorable and with a delicious love triangle, you can’t help but want to be in Ness’ shoes, or rather, paws!

Whilst the first book made you fall in love with Liam Kolane, books 2 and 3 endeared you to August Watt. I didn’t think anyone could rival Liam for my affections but I do believe I ended up wishing and hoping Ness had a HEA with August. When there’s a choice is between youth and experience, who would you choose?

As expected, this instalment prepares you for the battle of all battles as Liam and Ness prepare to take on the Creek Alpha and her loathsome second. Liam wants Ness all to himself whilst he’s training her but will her feelings for August be too much for her to bear or will Liam find a way to break their bond.

I have to admit to reading this book rather more tentatively than others. I was turning each page with dread as I feared for the worst for the characters that I have come to love. When the battle finally came around, I could hardly manage to open my eyes as I was convinced that the author was going to literary (get it!!!) kill me with this story.

These books are amazingly well written and Olivia Wildenstein has definitely left me wanting more from her talented writing and storytelling skills. If you love shifter stories, or even if you don’t, you really don’t want to miss this series and this author’s wolfish writing. What’s next, hmmm there appears to be a mention of feathers on the wind.

This ebook was kindly provided by the author prior to release in return for an honest and unbiased review.


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Release date: July 14th 2019

Series: All The Pretty Things Trilogy, Volume Two
Genre: Dark Romance
Cover Designer: Sommer Stein— Perfect Pear Creative Covers

Kindle Australia: https://tinyurl.com/y3u49byn 

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4 Star Review: Fallen Saint (All The Pretty Things, #2) by Monica James

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Oh Saint, how you steal my heart!

From what was a fast-paced first instalment in this trilogy, part 2 continues in the same vein, with drama, excitement, hope, and frustration as Willow continues to be held against her will, this time by the enigmatic and dangerous, Aleksei Popov.

Saint works to ensure that Alek understands that he’s been working in support of him all along and not trying to find a way to release his sister and whilst keeping Willow out of his clutches, but despite trying to outwit his Russian counterpart, Saint finds himself one step behind Alek at every turn. Willow becomes more and more confused by her surroundings and by her captors and starts to question right from wrong as Saint and Alek both try to make her believe that their love for her is real and that their intentions towards her a truly honourable. Alek, the master manipulator, makes Willow see him not as a monster but as a misunderstood man with a painful upbringing and with Saint wanting Alek dead, Willow struggles to understand her feelings towards Alek.

Release Blitz: Dax by Sawyer Bennett

Dax (Arizona Vengeance, Book #4)
Sawyer Bennett
Release Date: July 9, 2019

The Arizona Vengeance is killing it on the ice. But one player can’t seem to keep his eye on the puck—all thanks to the woman he just married to save her life.

My name is Dax Monahan and hockey is my passion. And if you want to succeed in this sport you have to bust your ass 24/7. I’ve never had a hard time focusing on my career, but when my past comes knocking, no amount of training can prepare me for what lies on the other side of the door.

Regan Miles was always like a sister to me. When a shared tragedy brings us face to face after several years, I’m shocked to see just how much she’s changed. Gone is the shy, awkward little girl that always used to chase me and her brother around. Instead, I’m faced with a gorgeous woman who makes it damn hard to concentrate on anything but her.

Turns out, she’s in trouble, and the only way out is to get married.

I surprise myself when I tell her to marry me. Order her, actually. And most shocking of all, she doesn’t even hesitate before saying yes.

So it’s settled. We’re getting hitched and she’s moving to Arizona with me. All platonic, of course.

The catch?
I never knew I’d fall so hard for my best friend’s little sister.

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