Review: Accidentally Hers

Friday 7 February 2020

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What's not to love with this story. There's snow, romance, drama, and heartbreak!

Another KU & Free to Listen To book series and having read one of the author's books before I knew this would be another hit with me.

These stories are easy to listen to, have fun characters to be around, exciting storylines with lots of drama and angst, if that's what rocks your boat. For me, I can do without angst and some of this story was drawn out because of it but add it to the rest of the package and this could be overlooked.

This story is about physical therapist Avery Randall and Grey Lowell. When the two see each other across a bar and Grey coins the name "Bambi" for Avery, I guess all bets were off about their possible relationship but with Avery's friend Kelsey clearly having designs on Grey following a drunken kiss, Avery knows that she must deter the attraction she felt for Grey. Assuming that she will not see Grey again and with any hopes of a date with the man clearly on the back burner, her life is turned upside down when Grey is knocked off his bike after leaving the bar and is injured by none other than Avery's brother, Andy.

With Grey the best and only PT in town at that time, she finds herself in a dilemma. Does she treat the man who has a claim against her brother? That's ignoring the fact that they are clearly attracted to each other!

Inevitably, Avery finds herself in an impossible situation as she falls for Grey. Between hurting her brother, family and her friend, Avery is torn between wanting to explore what she has with Grey and not alienating her family. Add to the mix that Grey could take her home in order to cover his costs following the accident and with Andy's possible prison sentence, it's a miracle Avery doesn't have a breakdown.

What makes it harder to see through this nightmare is that Andy is a really nice guy and seeing the effect of his getting drunk and knocking Grey off his bike is heartbreaking to witness but with Grey unable to work and run his ski-expedition company Backtrax, Andy knows that he is facing long term troubles which will not only affect him but Avery as well.

As expected, when Avery and Grey's relationship becomes known, Avery finds herself in an even bigger dilemma as she decides who to side with: her family or the man she loves and hopes to have a future with.

As you can see, this is drama-ville with problems on top of problems for poor Avery and Grey but will they find a way to resolve all of their differences without one losing everything they have worked hard for?

Despite the tension throughout the story, this was a really enjoyable read. The pace was about right and the story captivating, if slightly exhausting at times. Talk about a hard-fought-for HEA! Next up is the enigmatic Trips, story and his fight to find love, with Kelsey of all people.


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