4 Star Review: Double Vision by L.M. Halloran

Wednesday, 7 March 2018 No comments
Double VisionDouble Vision by L.M. Halloran
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For a girl who really dislikes reading about stories involving a D/s relationship *shudder*, I was pleasantly surprised by this story. Thankfully, all BDSM activities were kept to a minimum and instead readers are treated to a hard fought for romance involving rival organised crime families [a big plus for me] and unknown beginnings.

Throughout this story, I was unable to predict where the storyline was heading next. From an innocent upbringing, the heroine, Eden, finds herself thrust into a life of crime, guns, violence, and uncertainty. Living in the shadows for most of her adult life, Liam is the man that Eden falls for as he promises to protect her, always. With the complexity of their relationship they find themselves separated periodically only for Liam to come to Eden’s rescue whenever her safety is threatened. Liam is an Irish gangster and is known for his knack of finding people, as Eden can attest to. As their story progresses, their love for one another increases but given their respective backgrounds, the question is will they ever be able to find a peaceful solution to the problems they face?

As always with LM Halloran, this book is incredibly well written. She is able to create characters that you are immediately drawn to and stories that absorb you mind, body and soul. Next stop is London and Dominic’s story. Whilst this again may test my BDSM limits [a safeword or two may be needed!!!] I am certainly keen to see how their story evolves.