Review: Degradation

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Degradation Degradation by Stylo Fantome
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eeek now that was a story to whet most whistles! And when I say most, I mean those of us with a penchant for dark and dirty storylines with a hint of romance. This isn't a story for the lighthearted. It has consensual abuse and plenty of rough sex so what made it so special. Simple, it was brilliantly written. I have no idea why I haven't read anything by Stylo Fantome before but I'm hooked and going to see the story through one delicious morsel at a time.

Jameson Kane is probably the king of alphas. There is something he is hiding behind his darkness and I guess time will reveal exactly what it is. Tatum is also a dream female character. She is feisty and happy to feed off what Kane has to offer her, mostly, and is quick witted enough to challenge his domineering ways. When they come together their escapades are literally earth shattering.

Kane and Tatum fight for overall dominance as they fight to each win the ultimate game! As the story develops though, so do Tatum's feelings for Kane but that part of the game was unscripted and isn't what Kane is looking for, or is he?

There is also a sweet story developing on the side with Kane's assistant, Sanders and I can't wait to see what his story is both past and future. We also have a complicated story to live out through Ang, Tatum's best friend - with benefits, as he tries to comes to terms with Tatum's feelings for Kane.

So if you're looking for something a little dirtier and something to rock your reading world, then you have to give The Kane Trilogy a go, you won't be disappointed. Be warned though, this ends on one hell of a cliffie!!!

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Review: Unchain My Heart

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Unchain My Heart Unchain My Heart by Jani Kay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ahhhh, what a sweetie Ryder is and it just goes to show, you shouldn't judge a book by the cover, no matter how rugged it is!!!

The story picks up with the same old dramas: Harrison wants to stop Jade from seeing Ryder, Jade and Ryder want to be together, Ryder wants to stop Harrison from falling for his sister, Eva, and so the story continues.

It's certainly one complicated love nest in this series but it's one that is really enjoyable, at least when it's not tearing you apart. This book has, as with the others before it, its emotional highs and lows alongside pain and happiness. We get to spend more time with Harrison, who I still don't trust, and also Eva, Ryder's half sister. We get to meet Max, albeit briefly, and the relationship between him and Jade's cousin, Rebecca, is one to definitely follow through the spin-off Firebird Triology.

Personally, I can't decide who I want to read about next as all of the characters are delicious. Definitely an series to read for the MC book fans out there.

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Review: Two Worlds Colliding

Two Worlds Colliding Two Worlds Colliding by Jani Kay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After reading Ryder's prequel I couldn't wait to get back to this series and boy was book one full of steaminess and intrigue as we get to witness the aftermath of Jade's one night stand with Ryder.

I loved these characters from the outset and they compliment each other so well. From the Princess aka Jade who is rich, smart, sexy and feisty to Ryder aka the dirty talking biker, I have been consumed by their connection and needed more of their story stat.

Two Worlds Colliding picks up with Jade leaving Ryder's bed knowing that anything more than a single night together could spell danger for them both. Jade's brother, Harrison, is determined to bring down every biker gang in the area and she knows that he would never accept his sister dating someone like Ryder. The only problem is that Ryder didn't get the memo and decides that Jade will be his and his alone. Powerless to resist, Jade welcomes him into her bed time after time but it's only when her brother finds out that things become impossible for them as their relationship puts Scorpio Stinger MC under threat.

Jade is furious but accepts that they can't be together and so after a last night together, she sets Ryder free but will Ryder be able to forget Jade and will Jade be able to move on from Ryder?

This was another fast paced read which drew me in as we witnessed a present day Romeo and Juliet try to find a way to be together. I loved all of the characters and especially the twists and turns as new characters are introduced into the storyline. Some of the scenes didn't exactly flow for me (view spoiler) but all in all I really enjoyed this story and can't wait to read on.

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Review: King

King King by T.M. Frazier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who wouldn’t love a King especially one that is brooding, gorgeous, sensitive, caring and downright dangerous. Yes, Brantley King is a bad boy trying to live life under a shadow of previous wrongdoings whilst trying to clean up his image in order to cut a path towards a happy future.

The story starts with a bit of history as we witness King and his new side-kick Preppy establish a life-long bond that will see highs, lows, happiness and sadness. Each with their own tragic background as children, King and Preppy are determined to find a way to wealth and happiness in any way they can, legally or illegally. King’s past is painful but Preppy’s is heartbreaking and I quickly fell in love with this special character as we experience his own special brand of “Preppiness”.

By comparison, Doe doesn’t have any memory from her past. After waking up in hospital and not remembering who she is or anything about her life to date, she is taken to live in a house where she fears for her life and determined not to be used as a sex toy, she flees onto the streets and tries to survive against her biggest enemy, hunger. After being “saved” by Nikki, she is taken under her wing and shown a possible future but it’s not one that Doe is comfortable with. After going with Nikki to a party, Doe quickly becomes fearful of her surroundings and the MC club she has found herself in the presence of. Escaping upstairs she stumbles across the enigmatic King, green eyes blazing, as he screws the girl he’s just tattooed. Eyes drawn to each other, King and Doe can’t fight their attraction but it’s when Nikki causes a scene that King decides that Doe, or Pup, is to become his property in order to pay off Nikki’s debt and to help him to change the life of one special family member.

Doe and King fight. Doe wants to leave but has no-where to go. King wants to keep her but still pushes her away but it’s not long that King realises that this little doe-eyed girl is playing on his mind as he sets out to bring her home, to his home.

Living a dual life isn’t easy for Doe as she desperately tries to find out who she is and to protect her previous self from possible life choice errors. King, on the other hand knows exactly who she is but doesn’t tell her.

The story continues twisting its way towards the inevitable cliffie as we get to know more about King, Preppy, their friend and local VP, Bear and of course Doe. It’s not long before they become firm friends but will Doe ever be ready to move on with a life that she has no past memory of?

I found this story a little slow to develop. I loved the characters from the start and I quickly became captivated by their complexities but I felt that I was still waiting for the story to catch up. By 50% things were looking up but then it slowed before and explosive ending. Don’t get me wrong, the story was enjoyable just a little drawn out for my liking. There were emotional highs and lows in this story. I laughed at times and cried at others. Personally, I found myself wanting the story to head in Bear’s direction rather than to continue with King but that’s probably the MC book fan in me getting distracted. King is a loveable character though but it was Preppy who stole my heart.

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5 Star Review: The Consequence of Revenge (Consequence, #2) by Rachel Van Dyken

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The Consequence of Revenge (Consequence, #2)The Consequence of Revenge by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Oh I love this series so much, I haven't laughed so hard in ages. Thank you, thank you, thank you Rachel Van Dyken for bringing Max to life and delivering him to our e-readers.

I thought Colton's story was funny but Max surpassed my expectations as he unleashes his own brand of quirkiness on the story. Page after page brought tears to my eyes and they weren’t just tears of laughter but also pain, pain that is mostly endured by Max’s poor brother, Reid. If you thought he'd recovered from Grandma then you are sorely mistaken. What fascinates me though is how Max and Reid didn't kill themselves before the age of 10! If you've ever had a sibling prank played on you you will know what I mean when I say multiply it, tenfold, and you will understand what Reid and Max put themselves through!

This story was again brilliantly written. The comic capers flowed beautifully throughout the story as Max, plus one or two other series favourites, try to survive Love Island and to win the ultimate prize but will the winner choose Max or the money?!

From goats to geckos, this story brings its own brand of happiness to your life as Max, the ultimate bachelor, tries to find his HEA in the arms of his Starbucks girl.

Although I’m firmly Team Max for this instalment, my heart ultimately belongs to Reid and I can’t wait to get my teeth into more of his delicious charactor!

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Review: Declan

Declan Declan by Ava Manello
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 stars

Well, after my review of “Carnal Persuasion” when I asked “who the hell is Declan?”, I now have some, if not all, of the answers!

We pick up Declan’s story by finding out about his military background and what his life was like before he stepped down from active service. Now wondering what to do next with his life, and after facing his own demons, he tries to find happiness and in doing so ends up in Severed.

We already know some of the details of what happened after his arrival in Severed from Carnal Persuasion and that’s where the story dropped off for me. It simply felt like a recap of events from Carnal Persuasion from Declan’s POV. His dialogue was stilted and came across as an account of the facts rather than an in depth analysis of the story from his perspective. The book sadly lacked a fluidity and wasn't anywhere near as absorbing as the Severed MC book series, sadly. Both Holly and Declan lacked emotion and I didn’t connect with their characters at all.

So, returning to my first statement, we are in some ways still no clearer as to who Declan really is but at least we know where he came from.

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Review: Savage

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Savage Savage by Jade C. Jamison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars

So, I've done it. I've read a zombie book and survived to tell the tale. It was relatively painless, not too gruesome and despite the theme, the story basically portrays the behaviours of those not infected by a virus as they try to keep themselves safe whilst coming to terms with their altered lifestyle.

Set in the past and present, this books tells the story of Nina, a lonely woman whose husband has died and who has lost her children to college, and the boy she once loved from afar, Kevin Savage.

When the virus spreads and the zombies reach her town Nina decides along with her neighbours, Larry and Vera, to head to Chipeta Springs to flee the dangers they are facing and to check on Nina's Aunt. When heading out of town they hit a motorcyclist and Nina is shocked to see Kevin Savage for the first time in years. Bike damaged, Kevin decides to travel with the group but despite her feelings for Kevin reappearing, Kevin doesn't recognise Nina.

After becoming stranded in the hills, Nina and Kevin start to become close and working together daily to ensure they have what they need to survive the cold winter, they start to build a friendship that in turn becomes more. Thinking their only danger is from the zombies, Kevin and Nina soon realise that isolation and basic living is starting to take it toll on Larry and Vera and they become increasingly concerned about their safety especially around Larry.

This story has its horrors in the form of the zombies but also a suspense that builds slowly as the foursome struggles to live in fear of the zombies and also their own minds. Breaking the story down, it could have portrayed the after effects of any virus and makes you think just what would happen if society as we know it collapsed and people had to find a way to survive without basic necessities.

This was a well written and thought out book from Jade. It really made me question the behaviour of those in the book and whether their actions were appropriate or would I have acted differently? The story for me did seem quite long winded though and I struggled to get thoroughly absorbed by the book and I felt the ending was unfinished, despite the small HEA. (view spoiler). That said, just because I didn't love the book it doesn't mean that others won't. Zombies are not the main focus of the story though as the lives of the four survivors are followed as they come to terms with their new post apocalyptic life.

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Review: Dirty Deeds

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Dirty Deeds Dirty Deeds by Karina Halle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I've finally found time to read this next instalment in the Dirty Angels trilogy.

We met Derek briefly in Bold Tricks but he was simply portrayed as a hit man for hire. Now we get to experience the real Derek and what a treat he is. Having been hired to kill Javier's sister, Alana, Derek realises that this is one job he won't be able to complete as he decides that he wants to protect her from the evil at her door instead.

Derek and Alana set off on the run from danger whilst getting to know each other, bit by bit. Alana is hesitant to reveal her family to Derek and Derek pretends to be someone he isn't so it's not difficult to predict what is set to take place as the story continues.

For me this story fell a bit flat, which was a complete shocker given how much I love Karina Halle's books normally. It didn't grab me but instead gave me a gentle push towards seeing the book through to the end. I did find myself speed reading this in order to reach the stories conclusion which is sad. The story despite some exciting scenes lacked depth and I didn't get to feel the emotional and sexual attraction between Alana and Derek. The story kind of made me feel it was a means to and end. I guess I miss Javier and despite his brief appearance in this book I was left wanting more.

Disappointment aside, I will read on to the end of the trilogy.

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Review: Unblocked - Episode Three

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Unblocked - Episode Three Unblocked - Episode Three by Marni Mann
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars

Another episode and another bite of the delectable Derek!!!

The story continues to unfold as Derek and Frankie realise that they can't fight their growing attraction and sexual chemistry towards each other. The cliffie from the end of book two was touched on but not really resolved, frustratingly, but good things come to those who wait, right? (view spoiler)

The sex was off the scales although slightly strange on one occasion given the situation. I can't get my head around why Frankie gives in to Derek's demands so easily when she starts off determined to resist him but at the same time she seems to overreact on occasions. I'm still not a lover of overly alpha men but Derek definitely growing on me.

I really can’t say much more about this book. Yes, it's still hot as hell. Yes, it's still amazing spending time with Derek and Frankie but I hoped that we'd start to get some answers but this was not the case, yet. Roll on episode 4!!!

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