Review: Heart-Shaped Hack

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Heart-Shaped Hack Heart-Shaped Hack by Tracey Garvis Graves
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was definitely a story with an unusual slant to it. From hacking to love at first sight, it was a sweet story with a twist in its tail!

The characters in this story we really entertaining. Both with a desire to help people who need it the most, their paths were destined to cross.

After seeing Kate on TV, Ian found himself drawn to her and after supporting her cause, initially anonymously, it wasn't long before Kate sought him out. Surprised at what she found, Kate was also immediately attracted to him and after an unusual start to their relationship, it wasn't long before Kate fell for the Hacker.

I loved the banter between Kate and Ian, especially when he used his hacking ways to get messages across to her. He was fun and quirky and from the start, Kate was done for.

I did find this story lacking in direction right up to about 60% way through the book. I read on in the hope that something would draw me in and it did. The twist in the tail was well worth the wait and came out of the blue.

All in all a good book with fun loving characters that you can't help but like and add that to the mysterious life of a hacker and the story really sells itself.

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Review: Some Sort of Crazy

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Some Sort of Crazy Some Sort of Crazy by Melanie Harlow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars...

Another book that has me torn. After loving the first book, and really looking forward to Natalie’s story, I did struggle to fully enjoy this instalment. The characters were fun loving and easy-going but at times childish and idealistic. That said, the connection between Natalie and Miles was easygoing and on the whole lighthearted and I loved their childhood connection which blossomed into what it is today.

After hints in the first book about Natalie and Dan’s relationship being not what it should be, we quickly come to understand why. After being treated so badly I expected Natalie to implode, and I guess she did, in her own way thanks to a few drinks and a funny drunken attack on her lifelong friend, Miles. But, after having been in a relationship with Dan for over 10 years I found Natalie’s behaviour slightly strange. I expected devastation, heartbreak and soul searching but Natalie just seemed to move on and into Miles’ bed.

Miles was a sweet boy-man character but who was way too childish in his outlook to life but then way too overly confident when it comes to sex, which I found at odds with his character. I hated his sexy talk and I loathe the word “slut” and every time him and Natalie got amorous and he started his so called “smooth talking” I just found myself going “urgh”. And boy did they like sex. Their sexcapades were wild, frenetic and at times just felt forced into the storyline.

Despite the chemistry between Natalie and Miles I did find they story lacking any real depth. It was just sex, sex and more sex before the twist at about 70%. As much as I enjoyed their connection I felt that the story needed to slow down and take a breather at times.

I did enjoy the story’s conclusion though, eventually. I loved that Skylar and Sebastian had to step in to save the day and their part of book’s conclusion was extremely sweet and tender. It’s still team #Sebastian for me. Sorry Miles!

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Review: Some Sort of Happy

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Some Sort of Happy Some Sort of Happy by Melanie Harlow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars...

This was a really enjoyable story of a love constrained by a need to overcome a fear of failing and hurting those closest to us. Meet Sebastian, a lifelong OCD suffer who has struggled throughout his early years and into adulthood with a debilitating condition which has already cost him one relationship, or has it?

I loved the way this book started and the introduction we were given to Skylar. Despite the humour of the situation, it was apparent that Skylar was lost and needed saving but little did she know that the boy who she once knew at school as a hopeless loner, would be the man to help her to towards a brighter future.

After an unexpected meeting, Skylar is immediately attracted to this mysterious man and is surprised when she finds out that this strong and attractive stranger was the boy who was once teased at school. Setting out to find out more about him, she sees that his attraction towards her has been lifelong and yet he still keeps his distance.

Knowing that he must overcome his OCD and push himself to talk to Skylar, Sebastian finds it initially hard to approach her and to simply say ‘Hi’ but when he sees her again in her sister’s cafe, their tentative connection is ignited and they soon start to talk on a more frequent basis.

What Sebastian lacks in communication skills is not mirrored when it comes to sex as Skylar, and us readers alike, soon find out. Boy, that man can use his OCD in ways that would be felt on Mars! With their initial hesitancy long overcome, they set off on a journey of understanding but it's not a journey without its hurdles, as Skylar soon finds out. For every step forward with Sebastian there’s two giant steps back as his condition once again starts to overwhelm him.

I loved the simplicity of this story. Two people destined to be together but who face problems at almost every turn. They know they love each other, unconditionally, but Sebastian is fearful of what he could do to harm Skylar and instead of embracing their love, he pushes it away.

This is a thought provoking story which goes some way to demonstrate the impossibility of living with such a condition. Germs and alignment aside, the repetitive nature of the condition is heartbreaking especially for the loved ones who have to watch, helplessly, as their loved ones go about their daily struggle.

Although I loved this story I did find my attention waning somewhat just after half way but this was soon captured again thanks to an impromptu accident and the events which followed. I can't wait to read the next story though which features Natalie, Skylar’s sister.

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Review: Lawless

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Lawless Lawless by T.M. Frazier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally, T M Frazier lets us get our hands on Bear and I can honestly say, I won't be letting go any time soon!

We have been teased and tantalised with Bear and his connection to King and Preppy and this story goes some way to further explain how these misfits came to become friends. Bear has been the enigma up until now. He is a diamond in the rough but fiercely loyal to his friends and as we experience in this story, he has a score to settle, with his own father.
“The truth is that I'm not the good guy. I'm the fucking bad guy, and club or not, that hasn't changed."
Having experienced unbearable pain, at the hands of Eli, he now finds himself lost and falling down a deep well of despair and depression. That is until he is saved by a little girl he met years before.
I've been beaten, but I'd never been broken. Until Thia…
After making a loose promise to Thia, Bear doesn't expect to see her again but when tragedy strikes in Thia’s life, she turns to the one man who can help her, Bear. After turning up at the MC club gates though, Thia soon finds herself in even more danger, especially with Bear having thrown down his cut and turned his back on the club, including his father, Chop. Chop soon sees a way of punishing his son in a brutal fashion, by abusing and torturing Thia. Terrified and battered, Thia expects to die a slow and painful death, that is until she is rescued by an unexpected person and taken to King.
He was just a boy who had no clue what he was doing and I was just a girl who had no idea what to do with all the feelings I had swarming around inside of me. I just knew that I wanted him. That I loved him.
Called back from the bottom of a bottle of Jack, Bear can't believe his eyes when he sees pictures of the little girl he once met but who is now all grown up, but battered and bruised. Returning to his apartment at King’s place, Bear is forced to care for this frightened girl who once captured his heart. Unexpectedly though, Bear's feelings for Thia hit him hard and he’s torn between wanting her and wanting her safe.

As the story continues, Bear and Thia try to come to terms with their dysfunctional relationship, which is not something that Bear ever expected to find but with Thia’s help, and love, he slowly starts to accept his feelings for her. But with danger following him around by the Beach Bastard’s who are still hunting him down, and with Thia trying to outrun the law, Bear and Thia fight to stay safe, together and alive.
We were just a normal boy and a normal girl trying to figure out how to love one another.
Thia was an unexpected character who complemented Bear’s edginess perfectly. She is surprisingly strong, despite her young age, but due to her upbringing, has been forced to grow up, fast. She is not one to suffer fools lightly though, and speaks her mind with abandon, which Bear finds endearing. Also skilled with a gun, she doesn't hold back with her emotions, especially when challenged.

I loved Bear’s story, and Thia’s relationship with him, but this story took a while to engage me emotionally. Given that the story is overall relatively short, this meant that I only felt it grabbed me at about 70% and by that time the book was reaching its conclusion. Even though, this was a rewarding read but with a frustrating ending, especially when you read the snippet of the next instalment. I can't wait to read the next book in this series and to see what twists and turns life has in store for Bear and Thia.

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