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Sunday, 13 December 2015
Some Sort of Crazy Some Sort of Crazy by Melanie Harlow
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3.5 Stars...

Another book that has me torn. After loving the first book, and really looking forward to Natalie’s story, I did struggle to fully enjoy this instalment. The characters were fun loving and easy-going but at times childish and idealistic. That said, the connection between Natalie and Miles was easygoing and on the whole lighthearted and I loved their childhood connection which blossomed into what it is today.

After hints in the first book about Natalie and Dan’s relationship being not what it should be, we quickly come to understand why. After being treated so badly I expected Natalie to implode, and I guess she did, in her own way thanks to a few drinks and a funny drunken attack on her lifelong friend, Miles. But, after having been in a relationship with Dan for over 10 years I found Natalie’s behaviour slightly strange. I expected devastation, heartbreak and soul searching but Natalie just seemed to move on and into Miles’ bed.

Miles was a sweet boy-man character but who was way too childish in his outlook to life but then way too overly confident when it comes to sex, which I found at odds with his character. I hated his sexy talk and I loathe the word “slut” and every time him and Natalie got amorous and he started his so called “smooth talking” I just found myself going “urgh”. And boy did they like sex. Their sexcapades were wild, frenetic and at times just felt forced into the storyline.

Despite the chemistry between Natalie and Miles I did find they story lacking any real depth. It was just sex, sex and more sex before the twist at about 70%. As much as I enjoyed their connection I felt that the story needed to slow down and take a breather at times.

I did enjoy the story’s conclusion though, eventually. I loved that Skylar and Sebastian had to step in to save the day and their part of book’s conclusion was extremely sweet and tender. It’s still team #Sebastian for me. Sorry Miles!

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