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Saturday 12 December 2015
Some Sort of Happy Some Sort of Happy by Melanie Harlow
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4.5 Stars...

This was a really enjoyable story of a love constrained by a need to overcome a fear of failing and hurting those closest to us. Meet Sebastian, a lifelong OCD suffer who has struggled throughout his early years and into adulthood with a debilitating condition which has already cost him one relationship, or has it?

I loved the way this book started and the introduction we were given to Skylar. Despite the humour of the situation, it was apparent that Skylar was lost and needed saving but little did she know that the boy who she once knew at school as a hopeless loner, would be the man to help her to towards a brighter future.

After an unexpected meeting, Skylar is immediately attracted to this mysterious man and is surprised when she finds out that this strong and attractive stranger was the boy who was once teased at school. Setting out to find out more about him, she sees that his attraction towards her has been lifelong and yet he still keeps his distance.

Knowing that he must overcome his OCD and push himself to talk to Skylar, Sebastian finds it initially hard to approach her and to simply say ‘Hi’ but when he sees her again in her sister’s cafe, their tentative connection is ignited and they soon start to talk on a more frequent basis.

What Sebastian lacks in communication skills is not mirrored when it comes to sex as Skylar, and us readers alike, soon find out. Boy, that man can use his OCD in ways that would be felt on Mars! With their initial hesitancy long overcome, they set off on a journey of understanding but it's not a journey without its hurdles, as Skylar soon finds out. For every step forward with Sebastian there’s two giant steps back as his condition once again starts to overwhelm him.

I loved the simplicity of this story. Two people destined to be together but who face problems at almost every turn. They know they love each other, unconditionally, but Sebastian is fearful of what he could do to harm Skylar and instead of embracing their love, he pushes it away.

This is a thought provoking story which goes some way to demonstrate the impossibility of living with such a condition. Germs and alignment aside, the repetitive nature of the condition is heartbreaking especially for the loved ones who have to watch, helplessly, as their loved ones go about their daily struggle.

Although I loved this story I did find my attention waning somewhat just after half way but this was soon captured again thanks to an impromptu accident and the events which followed. I can't wait to read the next story though which features Natalie, Skylar’s sister.

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