Review: Heart-Shaped Hack

Thursday 17 December 2015
Heart-Shaped Hack Heart-Shaped Hack by Tracey Garvis Graves
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was definitely a story with an unusual slant to it. From hacking to love at first sight, it was a sweet story with a twist in its tail!

The characters in this story we really entertaining. Both with a desire to help people who need it the most, their paths were destined to cross.

After seeing Kate on TV, Ian found himself drawn to her and after supporting her cause, initially anonymously, it wasn't long before Kate sought him out. Surprised at what she found, Kate was also immediately attracted to him and after an unusual start to their relationship, it wasn't long before Kate fell for the Hacker.

I loved the banter between Kate and Ian, especially when he used his hacking ways to get messages across to her. He was fun and quirky and from the start, Kate was done for.

I did find this story lacking in direction right up to about 60% way through the book. I read on in the hope that something would draw me in and it did. The twist in the tail was well worth the wait and came out of the blue.

All in all a good book with fun loving characters that you can't help but like and add that to the mysterious life of a hacker and the story really sells itself.

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