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Monday 11 May 2015
Declan Declan by Ava Manello
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3 stars

Well, after my review of “Carnal Persuasion” when I asked “who the hell is Declan?”, I now have some, if not all, of the answers!

We pick up Declan’s story by finding out about his military background and what his life was like before he stepped down from active service. Now wondering what to do next with his life, and after facing his own demons, he tries to find happiness and in doing so ends up in Severed.

We already know some of the details of what happened after his arrival in Severed from Carnal Persuasion and that’s where the story dropped off for me. It simply felt like a recap of events from Carnal Persuasion from Declan’s POV. His dialogue was stilted and came across as an account of the facts rather than an in depth analysis of the story from his perspective. The book sadly lacked a fluidity and wasn't anywhere near as absorbing as the Severed MC book series, sadly. Both Holly and Declan lacked emotion and I didn’t connect with their characters at all.

So, returning to my first statement, we are in some ways still no clearer as to who Declan really is but at least we know where he came from.

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