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Sunday 10 May 2015
Savage Savage by Jade C. Jamison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars

So, I've done it. I've read a zombie book and survived to tell the tale. It was relatively painless, not too gruesome and despite the theme, the story basically portrays the behaviours of those not infected by a virus as they try to keep themselves safe whilst coming to terms with their altered lifestyle.

Set in the past and present, this books tells the story of Nina, a lonely woman whose husband has died and who has lost her children to college, and the boy she once loved from afar, Kevin Savage.

When the virus spreads and the zombies reach her town Nina decides along with her neighbours, Larry and Vera, to head to Chipeta Springs to flee the dangers they are facing and to check on Nina's Aunt. When heading out of town they hit a motorcyclist and Nina is shocked to see Kevin Savage for the first time in years. Bike damaged, Kevin decides to travel with the group but despite her feelings for Kevin reappearing, Kevin doesn't recognise Nina.

After becoming stranded in the hills, Nina and Kevin start to become close and working together daily to ensure they have what they need to survive the cold winter, they start to build a friendship that in turn becomes more. Thinking their only danger is from the zombies, Kevin and Nina soon realise that isolation and basic living is starting to take it toll on Larry and Vera and they become increasingly concerned about their safety especially around Larry.

This story has its horrors in the form of the zombies but also a suspense that builds slowly as the foursome struggles to live in fear of the zombies and also their own minds. Breaking the story down, it could have portrayed the after effects of any virus and makes you think just what would happen if society as we know it collapsed and people had to find a way to survive without basic necessities.

This was a well written and thought out book from Jade. It really made me question the behaviour of those in the book and whether their actions were appropriate or would I have acted differently? The story for me did seem quite long winded though and I struggled to get thoroughly absorbed by the book and I felt the ending was unfinished, despite the small HEA. (view spoiler). That said, just because I didn't love the book it doesn't mean that others won't. Zombies are not the main focus of the story though as the lives of the four survivors are followed as they come to terms with their new post apocalyptic life.

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