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Wednesday 13 May 2015
King King by T.M. Frazier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who wouldn’t love a King especially one that is brooding, gorgeous, sensitive, caring and downright dangerous. Yes, Brantley King is a bad boy trying to live life under a shadow of previous wrongdoings whilst trying to clean up his image in order to cut a path towards a happy future.

The story starts with a bit of history as we witness King and his new side-kick Preppy establish a life-long bond that will see highs, lows, happiness and sadness. Each with their own tragic background as children, King and Preppy are determined to find a way to wealth and happiness in any way they can, legally or illegally. King’s past is painful but Preppy’s is heartbreaking and I quickly fell in love with this special character as we experience his own special brand of “Preppiness”.

By comparison, Doe doesn’t have any memory from her past. After waking up in hospital and not remembering who she is or anything about her life to date, she is taken to live in a house where she fears for her life and determined not to be used as a sex toy, she flees onto the streets and tries to survive against her biggest enemy, hunger. After being “saved” by Nikki, she is taken under her wing and shown a possible future but it’s not one that Doe is comfortable with. After going with Nikki to a party, Doe quickly becomes fearful of her surroundings and the MC club she has found herself in the presence of. Escaping upstairs she stumbles across the enigmatic King, green eyes blazing, as he screws the girl he’s just tattooed. Eyes drawn to each other, King and Doe can’t fight their attraction but it’s when Nikki causes a scene that King decides that Doe, or Pup, is to become his property in order to pay off Nikki’s debt and to help him to change the life of one special family member.

Doe and King fight. Doe wants to leave but has no-where to go. King wants to keep her but still pushes her away but it’s not long that King realises that this little doe-eyed girl is playing on his mind as he sets out to bring her home, to his home.

Living a dual life isn’t easy for Doe as she desperately tries to find out who she is and to protect her previous self from possible life choice errors. King, on the other hand knows exactly who she is but doesn’t tell her.

The story continues twisting its way towards the inevitable cliffie as we get to know more about King, Preppy, their friend and local VP, Bear and of course Doe. It’s not long before they become firm friends but will Doe ever be ready to move on with a life that she has no past memory of?

I found this story a little slow to develop. I loved the characters from the start and I quickly became captivated by their complexities but I felt that I was still waiting for the story to catch up. By 50% things were looking up but then it slowed before and explosive ending. Don’t get me wrong, the story was enjoyable just a little drawn out for my liking. There were emotional highs and lows in this story. I laughed at times and cried at others. Personally, I found myself wanting the story to head in Bear’s direction rather than to continue with King but that’s probably the MC book fan in me getting distracted. King is a loveable character though but it was Preppy who stole my heart.

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