5 Star Review: Trading Yesterday by Kahlen Aymes

Sunday 19 November 2017
Trading Yesterday (Trading Yesterday, #1)Trading Yesterday by Kahlen Aymes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An unforgettable tale of pain, suffering and salvation!

This story totally swept me away. Whether it was from the pain a suffering experienced by the family in this story as they watched their child suffer the indiscriminate cruelness of leukaemia or the fact that two people who clearly loved each other were separated only to be reunited, at a time when the future was so uncertain, this story ruined me, but in a way that only a well-written book and a beautiful story can do!

I remember a friend telling me that I had to read Kahlen Aymes books, and me being me, said: “yeah, sure, when I get chance”. Now, after finishing Trading Yesterday, I can see why she was so vocal about her recommendation. As an avid reader, I find it rare these days to find a book which is unique in its approach, writing style and storyline and that’s exactly what Trading Yesterday was for me. It was refreshing and captivating.

We briefly meet the key characters, Teagan and Chase, after Chase is approached to transfer football (or soccer, if you prefer) clubs to the UK when an offer from Arsenal comes in. Despite his love for Teagan, this is a chance that he can’t decline but feels torn, especially as Teagan has college to finish and can’t immediately travel with him. Despite his reservations, he travels to the UK but unbeknownst to him, Teagan is withholding something of great importance from him.

The story then jumps forward 6 years. Chase is still playing football (soccer) in the UK but Teagan is living her life without Chase and is now married to Jensen, their best friend, and raising a daughter. When Chase receives a desperate message from Teagan, he immediately travels to the US curious as to why, after all of this time, she needs him when she turned her back on him and their love so many years before.

When Chase arrives on home soil, he’s stunned at what Teagan reveals and so part two of their story commences with Chase trying to come to terms with why Teagan withheld what she has, until now. From their immediate reconnection, it’s apparent that Teagan and Chase’s previous emotional bond is still one and the same. Their love is unrivalled and unchallenged and yet they have both threw away their fairytale ending for reasons which become known as the story progresses.

Whilst not wanting to reveal the basis of the story, I can tell you that the essence is powerful, it will challenge your perception of right and wrong. You will be drawn into the story without remorse and you will feel the pain experienced by the characters. You will laugh and cry and hope and pray and the frustration you will experience will be tangible. All of the characters in this story are loveable and I can’t wait to read Jensen’s story when it is written. My only stumbling block in this story is in relation to the football terminology but that’s beyond minor especially alongside such a poignant love story.

This is a highly recommended book and even, if you’re like me, you prefer to give angsty reads a wide berth, you will still thoroughly enjoy this story and what it has to offer in so many different ways.

This ebook was kindly provided by the author, publisher and Netgalley prior to release in return for an honest and unbiased review.


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