Review: Wicked Mafia Prince

Sunday 24 July 2016
Wicked Mafia Prince Wicked Mafia Prince by Annika Martin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+++ Stars

Simply flawless and an absolute pleasure to read and revere.

I was uncertain about Viktor’s character when introduced to him in Dark Mafia Prince. Edgy and a man of few words, there was nothing to endear him to me apart from the mystery surrounding the girl he watched continually on the auction site feed. But oh how my opinion has changed after finishing Wicked Mafia Prince; Viktor has just become one of my all-time favourite characters!. Whilst a seasoned killer his pain and suffering was beautifully portrayed as was his re-connection with the girl he loved and presumed lost, Tanechka. His words to her made me breathless as he recounted their story to us, and Tanechka.

Having survived what should have been a certain death, Tanechka was saved by nuns and has spent her time since her rescue at a convent but she is missing a large part of herself: her memory.

With Aleksio and Viktor still trying to bring down the auction site responsible for selling off the virginity of innocent girls, Viktor is torn between completing his mission and rescuing Tanechka. Once he finds out that she has no memory of their past though, he knows that he must free her, immediately.

Once back in Viktor’s arms, Tanechka is torn between her belief and her heart as Viktor’s words repeatedly try to break through her resolve. And oh those words…. Their sexual re-connection was one of the most perfectly penned scenes I have ever read. It wasn't crude, it wasn't overtly sexual but it was tender, sweet, and simply perfect. Through words and gentle touches, Viktor reawakened Tanechka’s desires and their once fiery relationship. Despite Tanechka’s quiet ways, there is a still a killer lurking within her and flashes of memories and experiences soon re-enter her subconscious.

The story of the missing brother continues and by the end of this book Kiro is still elusive but the brothers are closer to finding him. Lazarus is determined to find Kiro first though to ensure the prophecy is never realised and in doing so starts a war that neither brother anticipated.

This is definitely a series to relish. This book does end on a cliffie though and there is a long-ish wait now until November for the next instalment. However, this is certainly a story that I will enjoy re-reading a time or two between now and then!

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