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Monday 27 February 2017
Kept from You Kept from You by Nashoda Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Killian Kane aka “Kite” is finally here and he’s more than ready to use his Irish brogue to charm readers into submission.

I knew Kite’s story would pull on my heartstrings but I still wasn’t prepared for the emotional turbulence that came with Kept From You. We know Kite as the mysterious drummer from Tear Asunder and as you read this book you, quickly come to realise that his life is a lot more troubled than we could ever have expected.

Kite’s story starts at school and with a girl who makes him question who he is. Savvy is the type of girl who sees only the good in everyone, especially the angry teenager, Kite. After Sculpt asks her to help at an underground fight, Savvy finds herself drawn to Kite and his brooding ways. Despite Kite’s initial resistance, he too is finding it difficult to keep away from Savvy but despite his attraction to her, he can only allow himself to watch her from a distance.

Years later and Savvy scams her way into a Tear Asunder gig with a forged backstage pass. With her life in tatters thanks to her ex, she needs Kite’s help in order to secure a job as a dancer at Brett’s club, Compass. When Kite realizes who she is, though, and more importantly what she wants from him, he quickly stops her in her tracks. Knowing that he couldn't bear to witness other men watching her dance, he thinks that will be the last time he sees her but with her unrivaled determination, Savvy s won’t be stopped from getting what she wants. After hijacking a dance cage at Compass, she finally manages to get a job but it comes at a price, and that’s the wrath of Kite.

Despite trying his damnedest to distance himself from Savvy, everyone close to Kite quickly comes to realise that Savvy may just be the girl to save him from himself, and more importantly, his tragic past. He soon finds, however, that Savvy may be the most infuriating woman he has ever met and despite trying to improve her life, Savvy is keen to keep her independence.

I loved the interaction between Savvy and Kite. Savvy is quiet yet fierce in her single-mindedness when it comes to her dancing and her feelings for Kite, and yet Kite, despite having been in love with her his whole life, still feels that he is not good enough for her. As is always the case with this series, when Kite and Savvy do start spending time together, and Kite’s wounds start healing, there is always someone ready to break the lovers apart.

Kite’s story is told over three timeframes. Starting from the time Kite and Savvy spend together at school up to the present day, we also get to witness Kite as a young lad living in Ireland with his family. It was the story portrayed whilst in Ireland which packed the most emotion as we get to see who has caused Kite to become the broken man that he is today. At first, I wondered in the necessity to add this additional timeframe to the story but as you read on, it all becomes painfully clear.

It looks like the next story is going to focus on the loveable rogue, Trevor. Trevor is Savvy’s neighbour and a total man whore but when it comes to Savvy, he clearly demonstrates in this book that he will go to the ends of the earth to protect her. I can’t wait!

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