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Saturday 3 January 2015
Autumn Reigns Autumn Reigns by E.S. Maria
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4.5 Stars

This 2 book mini series was such a pleasant surprise for me, I wasn't expecting to read and review it but I'm so glad that I did, it was a real treat. Yes, as I said before it's a typical billionaire alpha story but there is more depth and suspense to it than most books in the genre.

After finishing on a cliffie, Autumn Reigns picks up where Autumn Falls ended with Billie running from Magnus's mother's fundraiser after coming face to face with Cooper Thornton and after overhearing Magnus's conversation with his ex-wife, Martine.

Billie is hurting beyond words and questions whether she can ever trust Magnus again. Deciding that she needs time away from him she refuses to speak to him or to hear his version of the conversation she overheard him having with Martine.

Time moves on and it's not long before Billie is afraid for her safety once again. After noticing a strange man following her she is shocked when he comes into her place of work and decides to find out once and for all who he is. Meet the story's side dish and the one person I truly wanted to know more about, Jacob. After finding out that Jacob has been hired by Magnus to protect her, Billie starts to question if she will ever get over Magnus or whether she is delaying the inevitable and the unbreakable connection her heart has with this man.

The story continues with Magnus and Billie trying to reconcile their feelings for one another whilst, in a side twist, Jacob adds a delicious distraction to Billie, and us as readers!

This story was more enjoyable for than than Autumn Falls and that is mainly in part to a reduced number of unnecessary sex scenes. I felt that at times they were forced into the story in Autumn Falls but this wasn't as noticeable in this book, that said, I really didn't enjoy the amount of repeated sexual proclivities which appeared again in this book, oh and certain anatomical adjectives were just too unsexy!!!

All in all this was an enjoyable book and mini series which left me feeling satisfied by its storyline balance and characters, it even had a perfect epilogue!!!

Now all I need to know is will there be a spin-off story featuring Jacob and some other characters?

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