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Thursday 1 January 2015
Autumn Falls Autumn Falls by E.S. Maria
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This is one of those books that makes you wonder why it has not been a huge hit. I suspect it's the genre because I must admit I'm burnt out with billionaire playboys but this book has so much more to it than the typical books of its kind. It's got depth to it with an unresolved twist, it has unspoken truths, and it has two memorable lead characters.

Isabelle (Billie) Morrison is living a quiet life with her son Ethan. Working two jobs to keep her head afloat she has unknowingly caught the attention of billionaire, Magnus Grant. Starting as a temp at Grant Corp, little does Billie know that she will come face to face with the man who sparked her interest whilst working her other job at the restaurant, La Bocca.

Magnus has set his sights on Billie and draws her into his web and woos her to the point of obsession. Billie, knowing her own body, is unsure if Magnus will finally be the man to unlock her from her painful past. Magnus knows nothing of Billie's past though and with a dogged determination he pursues her and is determined to capture her heart. Billie is worried though and questions whether a relationship with a prominent business man will put her and Ethan into harm's way once again.

This story has a twist coming right from the beginning and of course it had to end on an inevitable cliffie. For the lovers of these types of stories though I suspect this would be a rewarding read but for me I felt it was just too long and dare I say it, had too many unnecessarily, repetitive sex scenes in it. I think I've moved on from just wanting an erotic theme to a book and look more for a element of suspense, intrigue and mystery, which this book has but perhaps has not been drawn out enough. That said, I will be moving on to read Autumn Reigns to see how Billie's story ends especially now that her past has caught up with her.

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