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Saturday 27 February 2016
Vicious Vicious by L.J. Shen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another memorable story from LJ Shen.

The book title may not have sold the story to me but the character behind the name definitely did. Baron Spencer aka Vicious is a mean and cruel boy/man in this story but all with good reason. Coming from a wealthy family he has it all, or does he? His father doesn’t pay him any attention but his stepmother and her brother more than make up for his father’s lack of interest, just not in an appropriate way. Vicious is abused, horrifically, during his childhood years and it’s not until he grows stronger that he’s able to fight off his abusers.

There is only one person in Vicious’s world which makes his life worth living and that’s the daughter of his housekeepers, Emilia LeBlanc. Millie is subjected to taunts all courtesy of Vicious but still she is drawn to him. Her problems escalate though when she starts dating one of the Four HotHoles, aka Vicious’ friends. Dean is sweet and kind to Millie, despite her poor upbringing but their relationship makes Vicious turn even nastier than Millie thought possible. Dean also feels Vicious’s displeasure but continues to date Millie. There is only one option open to Vicious and that’s to take things into his own hands in order to tear Millie and Dean apart.

Vicious and Millie’s story then jumps ahead to when they are both working in New York. Millie is still struggling to make ends meet, whilst still supporting her ill sister, and when she sees Vicious at a table in the bar where she works she hopes that he doesn’t recognise her, but he does. Having lost too much time where Millie is concerned, Vicious makes her an offer that she can’t refuse and Millie sets about working for Vicious, albeit briefly!

I really enjoyed this enemies to lovers story. Vicious comes off initially as unnecessarily unpleasant but when we come to realise the reasons why, you can’t help but feel a pull on your heartstrings. Millie is the perfect person to turn Vicious’ emotions around and whilst she is the only person able to push his buttons and to live to tell the tale, she is also the person who suffers most around him. Millie has loved Vicious for years but seeing his cruel and callous ways has made her keep her distance. That said, when she’s backed up against a door, there is only one person she wants pressed up against her!

This was another amazing story by LJ Shen. Her stories pack depth and emotion but are also all very different and extremely rewarding as a result. I can’t wait to read more from her and especially from this series.

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