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Monday 10 October 2016
Will Will by Kerry Heavens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Roll reversals and even more drama, yes just like Spencer, Will has a flair for making his love life, HARD!

Spencer left me wanting slightly, so it was Will’s turn to try and save the day but with Spencer as a cousin, the question is, can Will outshine his exuberant relative?

Well, the answer is a mixed one - yes and no. You really couldn’t have had two people so different. Spencer is a boyish and mostly loveable rogue, with somewhat childish tendencies, where Will is lacking in confidence and self-belief and that’s the real reason why he has kept his distance from Mags. Having loved her before, and having pushed himself away from her, mainly due a class issue: she has it and he believes he’s not worthy of her, Will must now face his fears and decide whether he can ever move on from what they shared.

With Spencer his proverbial nemesis, Will struggles to live life to the full and continues to fall some way behind Mags’ friends and family but with Spencer dating Mags’ best friend, Jazz, he simply can’t avoid Mags. It’s not until Spencer, being Spencer, liberates one of the many books that Mags has written, under a pseudonym, that he starts to see her in a different light. Mags writes smut and does so with a healthy dose of female empowerment, yes, Mags likes to take control and for Will, having hidden his own dream of being dominated, this news may just save him from himself.

The only problem Will has though, is with himself. Sadly, Will is just like you or I, in that if you’re going to do something off-kilter, then you’re going to get caught, and he does, repeatedly, by Spencer of all people. Mags is determined to help Will to overcome his fears though and pushes him hard to accept himself for what he is: a man who just likes to be dominated. Whilst kink is all good and well, this story doesn’t take it into the realms of impossibility. It merely shows how it can be healthy between two normal people who like to spice things up by being tied, shackled, flogged etc, but in a much less dark way that is portrayed in BDSM themed books. Will is the man that secretly lives within all of us. He wants to try and live his sexuality without judgement and to just enjoy being himself but when he decides on a particularly inappropriate safe word, it’s clear that Will’s pain will become cruelly psychological.

This was a really funny story, despite the sadness surround poor Will and his endeavours at times. Will was like a breath of fresh air after experiencing Spencer, which is like living at Mach 10! Will was sweet, kind, sensitive, vulnerable, insecure and everything that Spencer isn’t. Spencer continues to titillate throughout this story though and even has his own hurdle or two to overcome, whilst realising that to be in a committed relationship, he needs to grow up.

I was pleasantly surprised by this series. After initially wanting to inflict bodily harm on Spencer, he did start to grow on me and Will, alongside Spencer, just smoothed out his edges. Will, on the other hand, made this instalment a more palatable one and despite his insecurities, which did start to grate, especially after the 10th time of him believing that he wasn’t good enough for Mags and misinterpreting a situation he found himself in. I’d definitely recommend reading both of these stories concurrently though as this gave me the benefit of a smooth transition from Spencer to Will, especially as Will’s story starts on the tail end of Spencer’s book.

Definitely, a duo of books to read when you’re looking for something lighthearted but comically entertaining. If you can survive all that is Spencer that is!

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