Review: Wicked Innocence

Friday 10 January 2014
Wicked Innocence Wicked Innocence by Missy Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an unusual story and one which portrays a realistic sadness in the form of Micah.

Rejected by her own mother, Mikayla and her brother are farmed out into foster care before an horrific attack leaves Mikayla changed forever and realising that she must escape the pain of her life in order to survive. Fake id in hand she becomes Micah and grows into an adult over-night.

With her one true talent, singing, she auditions for Resurrection but little did she know their manager is one of her greatest idols, Saxon Waite, ex-bad boy rocker who is also fighting his fair share of demons from his past.

Micah is understandably attracted to Saxon but never in her wildest dreams would she think that he'd fall for her.

Touring together with Resurrection makes Micah and Sax become close and before long they realise their feelings for one another are not going to be ignored.

Sharing their pasts together makes their relationship stronger but Micah has one big secret yet to tell Sax and that is that she is only 17 and 8 years his junior.

How will Sax react when he finds out? Will the band and their relationship survive? Will Micah ever be free of the nightmare of her life as Mikayla? Read the book to find out!
"I hate that you've been through so much, M. I wish I could take away all the pain."

"Pain is life. You can't avoid it. It's how you find the strength to go on that shapes you as a person. Without pain you can't live." I shrugged.
I felt a little disappointed by this story as it had endless possibilities which were not realised. The book is short, sadly, and aspects of the story which could have been developed into more simply weren't. It's an easy to read story though and one which will be enjoyed by many I suspect but I was just left wanting more from this book.

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