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Tuesday 9 June 2015
Violent Things Violent Things by Callie Hart
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Zeth and his Angry Girl are back so buy the book and live, vicariously, through Sloane in order to taste a little bit more of Zeth, you won’t be disappointed, but just when you think life may have settled down for Zeth and Sloane, and even poor Michael, the Italians raise their heads once again.

Having loved the Blood & Roses series, hard, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Violent Things, Callie Hart’s new spin-off series, featuring the loveable due and Zeth’s faithful side-kick Michael. What we didn’t expect is a new character in the form of Mason Reeves. Mason has such a sweet and painful story to tell that for me he - nearly - topped Zeth and Sloane in the story. We are still waiting to see where his character will fit in but for now we know he has a troubled past, an unclear future, and an unlikely relationship developing with Zeth.

Mason is a wannabe fighter, as he tries to find ways of earning enough money to take care of his little sister. Working by day as a mechanic, he watches the Blood & Roses gym knowing that he could never afford the membership but after coming face to face with a bloodied Zeth and Michael, he finally finds a way in. It’s obvious that Zeth sees something in Mason but only time will tell exactly what that is, for now Zeth has simply agreed to train Mason.

We also spend some time with Sloane and her doctor sidekick, Oliver Massey, as we continue to watch them save lives and try to understand if they can ever go back to the friendship they had before all hell let loose, thanks to Zeth, but can Oliver ever let go of his feelings towards Sloane?

This was merely a teaser of what is to come in this series as we witness Mason meet a girl, Zeth soften, just a little bit, and Roberto Barbieri raise his head again to offer Zeth an ultimatum. One thing that does carry over from Blood & Roses, is Zeth’s determination to continue to test Sloane’s, now nearly non-existent, sexual limits. That man was born to tease!

What I didn’t expect was for the story to finish at 84% with a cliffie, not nice Callie, but we still get a little teaser from Michael’s story, Badlands, which I also can’t wait to get my hands on. Callie Hart is an amazing writer telling a dark and dangerous story and it’s one that you really won’t want to miss. You do need to read the Blood & Roses series before starting this series though so I hope you bought the box set whilst it was on offer!

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