Review: Unexpected Angel

Thursday 10 January 2013
Unexpected Angel Unexpected Angel by Sloan Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well I, perhaps stupidly, decided to start reading this book during the night when I couldn't sleep. Big mistake!!!! From page 1 I was glued to the story and didn't put the book down until the end. I'll probably regret spending 4 hours reading when I should have been sleeping but I certainly won't regret reading this book.

I'd read reviews about this book from friends, which I don't normally do, before starting to read it and was expecting good things and I was not disappointed. Personally, I think Sloan Johnson got the balance of the book just right and the story was exciting and believable. I read that some people felt their should have been more steamy scenes in the book but I disagree and feel that the balance was perfect given Tasha's background. Dylan for me was perfect and more likeable as a Dom than some other characters you read about who appear to be artificially enhanced by the authors.

I can't wait for book 2 in the Isthmus Alliance. Well done Sloan Johnson <3

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