Review: Unblocked - Episode Two

Friday 16 January 2015
Unblocked - Episode Two Unblocked - Episode Two by Marni Mann
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Derek is just what every woman needs but is too afraid to ask for!!! Domineering, tick, gorgeous, tick, built like a brick *beep* house, tick, and most of all dangerous and intimidating, double tick. So what is Frankie afraid of?

Knowing Derek Block is a client, Frankie is hesitant to get involved with him but at the same time she is desperate for a taste of what he has to offer but will she be able to stop at one taste or will she want more like a crazed junkie? Derek is a one time only man but Frankie has awakened something in him, something that he is afraid of, and something he may never be able to let go.

Derek and his sister are still trying to bring down the man who damaged their family but in doing so, they must focus their whole attention on Randy White and not allow any outside influences affect their mindset.

The pieces of this jigsaw are still floating around this story but slowly and surely they are starting to come together as the book begins to focus on how these characters lives are starting to overlap and intertwine.This story does end on a cliffie and it leaves a question hanging which I am dying to know the answer to.

Overall, this is another well written book that is not only hot and extremely sexy but one that is also developing into an exciting storyline.

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