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Tuesday 14 July 2015
Tyrant Tyrant by T.M. Frazier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From a King to a Tyrant, we return to the drama of Doe/Ray/Pup’s life as she heads home and into the arms of her family and away from the man who saved her but will she be able to settle into her old life or will the pull of darkness overpower her?

From a hesitant start with King, I was pleasantly surprised to find Tyrant captivating and a compulsive read as we find answers to the questions which were left hanging at the end of book one. The storyline seemed stronger throughout and with only the odd aspect of the story which I felt could have been expanded upon.

Having returned home Doe is still unable to remember her life before she became amnesic and despite familiar surroundings, her memories are still elusive even after finding out that she was a mother in her former life. Tanner is the father of her son and he tries to help her to remember but it is Nikki who holds the keys to this story and when Doe’s memories start returning, and her life starts to piece itself back together, Doe starts to make some startling realisations.

Doe knows that despite her past memories returning she is struggling to forget the man who saved her and when she unexpectedly sees King again, she knows he is the one that her heart truly belongs to. However, King is still facing threats to his life and knows that the only way to protect Doe is to leave her safe in the arms of her family, for now.

This story is certainly fast-paced and full of twists and turns. Right proves to be wrong as Doe comes to understand who the monsters are from her past and how she came to be found by Nikki. Sadly, Preppy doesn’t make a return from the dead appearance, in true fantasy style, but he does still play a part in this story in his own special way. Bear is also back and facing dangers and demons which will leave you pained as this strong man is broken and brought back to life again.

I really enjoyed this two-part serial and I can’t wait to read Bear’s story in the next instalment. That man captured my interest in King as his personality clawed at me and even managed to overpower King at times!

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