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Saturday 9 August 2014
Twisted Twisted by Callie Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

God I love this series, there's no preamble and right from the first page we're once again thrust into the storyline with a bang, literally!!!! Callie continues to feed my Zeth addiction and the series is going from strength to strength. I never want it to end!

This is gritty series and one which makes a violent lifestyle seem almost normal, especially when you see how easily Sloane has accepted her new life with Zeth who is as firmly attached to her and she is to him.

Still on the run from Charlie and Julio, Zeth and Sloane together with Michael and Lacey are in hiding and wondering how they can ever be free again. With the DEA still looking for them and Rebel still demanding that Sloane go to him, Zeth and Sloane must decide how far they will let their relationship take them before one of them is killed.

Zeth is still unclear about his feelings for Sloane but Sloane knows her heart and it's telling her she wants Zeth, whatever the end result. Zeth is still continuing to fight his demons though but by the end of this book we have more of an insight into his life as a child and why he has an obsession to protect vulnerable women from harm.

Mystery still surrounds Zeth and Lacey's connection and whilst Lacey has accepted he is her brother, they are still unsure of their parents until news reaches them which is almost unbelievable and causes Lacey to become even more fragile.

Pippa and Olly are still protective of Sloane and thinking she can trust them she turns to them for their help only for them to once again push her further into Zeth's arms and protection.

There is violence, explosive and domineering sex, passion and heartbreak once again throughout this book and it is so deliciously enticing that I'm tempted to go back and read the series again from the start to feed my obsession.

I love how Zeth is becoming more and more human, story by story, and it's heartwarming to see Sloane reach out and anchor his heart.

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