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Thursday, 14 January 2016
Trust Trust by Becca Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A mafia story with a twist and a sting in its tail!!!

As beautiful as this cover is, I may have overlooked it had I not caught the word "Mafia" in an email from the author! Mafia stories are always a plus for me but having read so many recently I was sceptical whether this could satisfy my ever demanding addiction to this genre.

After starting the book, I did flick back to see if it really was about mafia as it started out more like an emotional contemporary romance. As the pages turned, I was enjoying the story but still wondering "where are the Mafia?” Then, BAM, all of a sudden I was thrust into a battle over Jessie, the sweet female character who was trying to put her life back together after the death of her husband, and his prior rejection of her. Lucas, her friend and confidant is waiting in the wings to help her heal broken heart but Lucas isn't necessarily Jessie's knight in shining armour! Despite being a friend of both Jessie and her late husband, Lucas has clearly been waiting to claim Jessie as his own but when Jessie receives a cryptic message from beyond the grave, she starts to wonder who, if anyone, she can "Trust" in her life.

After visiting the location of her inheritance, Jessie's life takes an irreversible change in direction when she comes face to face with previously unknown family members. And that's where I receive my fix of Mafia. With both her Grandfather and Uncle pointing the finger at each other as being responsible for her mother's death, Jessie doesn't know who she can trust, especially when it transpires that Chris and Lucas have been lying to her for years.

I LOVED Becca Lee's writing style in this book. Talk about smooth and sexy! With each page turn, her words unforgiving drew me deeper into the book and its hidden secrets. I loved the characters, although I felt a need to rein in my need to proclaim my undying love for Lucas until I knew I could trust him!

My only frustration with this story was that I felt it was wrapped up far too quickly. It was almost like the author had decided enough was enough and just ended it in a few pages when I was ready for another 20%. Had the ending been drawn out more, this story would have been a solid 5 Stars for me. Despite this, I have absolutely no reservations about recommending the book or the author. I'm not sure if Becca Lee intends to continue this story in the future but I have to say, it's just too good to leave a powerful Mafia themed story as a standalone. That would be sacrilege!!! I definitely think readers would benefit from a prequel to see the build up to this book from Chris' perspective.

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