Review: Tracking Tahlula

Tuesday 14 January 2020

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I always seem to do things backwards and reading is no exception. After reading and loving Edge Of Reason (Arrow's Edge MC #1) and Trunk's story, I decided to go back to read his sister's story, Tracking Tahlula (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha).

I've really enjoyed meeting the varied cast in the On Call series and despite reading about the characters in a topsy turvy fashion, I have enjoyed each and every book. Now with talk of Blue's book in the pipeline, I am even more excited.

Tahlula also does things backwards, she's definitely a girl after my own heart. After deciding she wanted a baby, through unconventional means, she is happily living a quiet life as an author until she receives a fire risk warning from Evan Biel. Evan, assuming the beautiful mess he meets upon arrival at her property is married, given her baby bump, offers advice and walks away. When he finds out Tahlula isn't married, or dating he is right back up the mountain and determined to get to know her despite her being pregnant.

When Tahlula finds herself in danger from an unknown source, she knows she must do everything she can to keep her "little pea" safe. Fortunately, Tahlula has an abundance of testosterone around her and between Trunk and Evan, the local Police and Fire Departments and you'd be fooled into thinking that no-one could possibly put her in danger, but you'd be wrong.

Having read Trunk's story first, the reasons for the threats against Tahlula were not a shock but I was still stunned to read about how and why the perpetrators decided to target Tahlula.

With all this mystery, intrigue and danger and insanely manly men to compliment the suspense, I was totally engrossed by this story.

I really enjoyed the addition of Moose and Penelope Jacobs and their pet! There is always an innocent character in Freya's story that always wins me over and this time it was a donkey.

The banter between the fire department staff made elements of this story very funny and despite their dangerous activities, you could easily feel their camaraderie.

The friendships and bonds which developed between the women were also enjoyable to witness and despite the racial message running through the story, the book was overall very lighthearted and enjoyable to read.

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