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Wednesday 13 January 2016
Thirty Nights Thirty Nights by Ani Keating
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Occasionally you come across a book that just makes you silently applaud the author and that book for me is Thirty Nights. I was blown away by its beauty, its intelligence and its all-round magic. From Baci to Byron, and the periodic table in between, this is a story that will stay with me for a very long time.

I was immediately sold on the story from seeing the cover and reading the synopsis. I loved the complexity of the story and its characters. From the personal and emotional battles experienced by them, you can’t help but feel their pain and read on in the hope that their connection finds a way to succeed in a battle against bureaucracy.

First we meet Elisa Snow who is studying in the US as a chemist, after losing her parents in tragic circumstances. After her Visa application is denied, she is forced to consider returning to the UK and to a place that is no longer part of her life. With no family in the UK and her closest friends in the US, Elisa is devastated and knowing she has very few options available to her, starts to wonder what will happen to her and her wish to realise her father’s dreams.

As well as working in a lab, Elisa is also a muse to her illegal immigrant artist friend, Javier. Javier is able to bring out Elisa’s beauty on canvas and it’s his art that captures the attention of wealthy businessman, Aiden Hale. Aiden sees something in the artwork that ingrains itself in his psyche and after purchasing the paintings, sets his sights on finding out exactly who the muse is.

Aiden doesn’t expect the muse to be none other than aspiring chemist Elisa Snow. After visiting her Professor and witnessing a presentation from Elisa, Aiden knows that she is “La Virgen” and offers her a proposition.
Let me look at you. Not your paintings tonight. You.
Both Aiden and Elisa have secrets which cause them great pain but together they are able to live in the moment and after spending more time together they soon become bewitched with each other, that is until Aiden breaks their bond in order to protect Elisa. Elisa is not one to be deterred though and sets out to find out exactly what demons Aiden is trying to protect her from.

Despite Aiden's tormented background, together they embark on a journey of love and hope and despite the darkness in their lives, they soon become permanently part of each other's soul. Aiden is determined to help Elisa to remain a US citizen but it’s not an easy fight, especially when Javier is likely to be placed in danger by their association.

I really can’t express how much I loved this story. I really did feel the power of Aiden and Elisa’s connection and despite their emotional baggage, they were beautifully paired. You can’t help but feel for Aiden and all that he has suffered and continues to suffer. His story will make you cry rivers of tears as you witness a strong man be broken by who he is and what he has become. Elisa is his strength though and she alone can help him find peace. That is until Aiden breaks her heart.
There is something endless about his eyes - like you enter through them and perhaps never come out.
I don’t know where Ani Keating has been hiding her writing magic but she really is a truly talented and extremely knowledgeable, or at least well researched, individual. Her law background is apparent in the story but her science knowledge must also be commended, as does her passion for Byron and Baci!

This story has become one of my all-time favourite reads and I will definitely read it again.

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