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Friday 10 July 2015
Sloth Sloth by Ella James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.75 Stars

A curious read and one which has left me in a quandary. Yes, I enjoyed the story but at the same time if left me questioning whether I’d see it through to the end. Never fear though, my OCD prevailed and my need to finish each and every book won out and I’m glad it did. The last 20% of the book held me in rapture as it bled into my heart and poured through my soul.

So what was it about this book that had me wondering why I’d started it?

From the first few pages I found it difficult to settle into. The story commences with a series of handwritten letters and with no preamble or character definition, they left me wondering what I’d picked up to read but then the story commenced, properly, and I was fixated and read it non-stop until the end of Part 1 when, for me, the story lost its way and fell flat. Yes, I know the end of Part 1 depicted a shift in the characters’ relationship but still, from then on I felt that the story floundered. I still persevered though, despite my inner monologue telling me to give it up. I read on until 80% when finally my prayers were answered and I re-connected with the story.

What didn’t I like I hear you ask. Well, it was a cluster of unnecessary ramblings, definitions and body part fixations. At one point I thought a third person had joined the story, its part was so “big”, and that was Kellan’s dick. Why of why, did it have to “jump” into almost every tender scene between Sloth and Kellan? I’m all for a bit of sexiness in a story even I can only take so many BJs and HJs but for some reason, in this story, they cured all, really?! Another constant point of reference was Kellan’s shoulders and thighs. I got it from the outset - they sealed the deal for Sloth, so why did they get mentioned again and again throughout the story? Maybe the author thought that us readers had a short-term memory problem in which case I suppose I should thank her.

I struggled to feel any sort of a connection between Sloth and Kellan for the first three-quarters of the story but at least that part of the mystery was solved and resolved by the end of the book but the cold and callous treatment of Sloth and her feelings was still in part uncomfortable to read. Another aspect that seemed out of place for me was the BDSM element in the story. I suppose reading deeper into the character you could say that BDSM gave Kellan an element of control within the life he was struggling to maintain but even so, it still felt slightly overplayed.

Another conundrum for me was the way the characters were revealed to each other. For one, the world nearly stopped spinning on its axis and for the other, meh, a small fizzle of emotions. Maybe the timing played an important part in that but still, it felt overshadowed.

Overall the story’s premise was an exceptional one but it just felt rushed, which given the amount of time it took to write didn’t make sense. The author seemed to race to put her thoughts and words down on paper in an excitable manner when instead you wanted her to take a step back, breathe and compose herself. This could have been an all-time epic read but sadly the edge was lost in the story’s portrayal of what was an emotive and powerful theme.

Despite my misgivings, this was a great story about a thought provoking theme. It was powerful, it brought tears to my eyes and at the end of the story I felt like I’d been on the biggest fair ground ride of my life and it left me unable to pick up another book for a day or two (in a positive sense). This was my first Ella James book and I’m not sure if I will read another, especially if it was written in the same vein but still, I’m glad I read Sloth, I got a lot out of the story and its message and it will certainly be a book that remains in my psyche for a long time.

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