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Saturday 10 January 2015
Slash and Burn Slash and Burn by Jade C. Jamison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thank the Gods, the Bulletin series has returned and this time it's for a story focusing on drummer, Nick. Nick is a real sweetie and not at all like the rough and ready rocker that his image portrays, sorry, but that’s the truth. He’s a heart-on-his-sleeve guy whether you like it or not!!!!

Val's new band, Val Hella has been formed but Val, Brad and Nick need to recruit a bass player but what they don't expect to find is Sabrina (Sinna) Moreno. An exceptional performer but with an icy temperament, Brina intrigues Nick and he immediately knows that he needs to find out exactly who this mysterious woman is.

Brina isn't what everyone expected. Preferring her own company, she works hard and plays harder but makes it clear that she doesn't want to enjoy the social company of the other band members. In an attempt to find out more about her, Nick soon finds that she has multiple layers to her personality. After finding out that Brina is in a relationship though, Nick presumes that he has made a mistake about her that is until he is invited to join Brina and her partner for a night of fun and games. Nick can't say no but he's unsure about wanting to share Brina with someone else.

Val Hella's tour starts soon after and assuming Brina wants nothing more to do with him, Nick is surprised when he realises that he is falling for Brina and assuming she feels the same way, he lays his heart of the line but he isn't prepared for her response.

On a personal note, can I say that I really hate Brina, the woman is a heartless bitch and I really wanted Nick to kick her into touch right from the start of the story. I'm not sure where her story will go but I hope she turns out not to have a heart of stone but if she does, that someone breaks it hard and fast!!!

Overall, it was heaven to be back in the arms of this loveable trio. I still miss Ethan though and even though he is mentioned in this story his character doesn’t appear. I would have liked this book to have had a harder edge to it, at the time it was too sentimental but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I just like more sass from my rockers.

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