Review: The Silver Swan

Tuesday, 10 January 2017
The Silver Swan The Silver Swan by Amo Jones
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was one twisted, dark teenage story and one which will leave you lost in a mire of unrelenting questions after finishing it!

Despite the ongoing drama throughout this book, I have been left with mixed feelings upon its conclusion. The characters were captivating. Madison, having started a new school, is looking for a quiet life but this is thwarted by The Elite Kings, a group of good looking if slightly disturbed teenage boys which, as it turns out, also includes her new step-brother. The concept of a secret society definitely gave this story an air of mystery and made a sweet college drama something else entirely. It was definitely unique in its approach and quite literally played games with your mind throughout the book.

I loved the start of this book and I was immediately drawn in by the characters but this was possibly because their story resonated with other popular books currently on the market. I loved the YA feel to it from the outset but this did become a little too unrealistic with the amount of free loving going on. I appreciate that young people have sex but this was written in a way that would be more acceptable with 25-year-olds upwards and not teenagers as portrayed here. As the story went on, my enjoyment of the story started to wane slightly and by the end, I felt as if I’d been on speed. Reality had checked itself out of the door and in its place was something quite disturbing. The ongoing intrigue throughout the book was maintained and added to my semi-enjoyment but overall the story lacked a general smoothness and instead came across lumpy, almost as if the book was rushed into completion. This may have been the author’s intention all along, as I said, this was one cray cray story.

Whilst telling the story in present time, Madison also unveils a book which may just hold the secret to her involvement with The Elite King’s Club. Unfortunately for ARC readers, like myself, there was one section from the secret book which was unreadable just to a formatting glitch and this left me wondering if my confusion towards the end of the book was because of something that I’d missed. However, the author has made assurances that this error will be corrected upon release.

This book ends on a huge cliffhanger and I hope that the next instalment isn’t too far away. Despite my misgivings, my curiosity was still piqued and I definitely want to know why Madison was drawn into the sick and twisted games of The King’s Club.

This ebook was kindly provided by the author prior to release date in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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