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Friday 15 January 2016
Shut Up and Kiss Me Shut Up and Kiss Me by Jessica Lemmon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 "Silent" Stars

Whisper sweet words to me Cade!

This story starts where Fighting for Devlin left off, with the events immediately after Cade’s accident.

Cade’s problems do not end when he leaves the hospital as he realises that his future hopes and dreams have been dashed with the injuries he sustained in the car crash. With his voice in tatters, Cade’s father turns to Tasha to help his son, after Cade rejects every other therapist assigned to help him. Tasha is not a voice coach but uses her therapy training to try to support Cade through this challenging time in his life. The only problem is that Cade won’t even accept Tasha’s help and she is left with offering him the only thing that she can, her friendship.

Comforted by Tasha’s nearness, despite his vocal frustrations, the pair, whilst attracted to each other, spend time alongside each other in companionable silence but at the same time they start to form a special bond. Cade’s pain is tangible as he struggles through his daily existence without the words which were once his forte. Now bussing tables at Devlin’s restaurant, Cade is a shell of the man he was once and despite liking the distraction of working, he finds it hard to be around people, especially when they laugh at his silent demeanour. However, with Tasha at his side he finds a breakthrough and when they share their first kiss, Cade knows he must do everything he can to make her see how much she means to him.

Tasha’s father starts out be rejecting her connection to Cade and threatens her but having experienced her own form of torture in a past relationship, Tasha is not prepared to give Cade up, despite her father’s protestations. As Cade and Tasha continue to spend time together, their relationship develops into a tender romance and Cade is the perfect man for Tasha to trust with her heart.

I fell easily into this storyline and overall enjoyed it much more than Devlin’s story with Rena. Whilst Fighting for Devlin was more focused around illegal gambling, Cade and Tasha’s story is a gentler, altogether more rounded story with a sweet and caring undertone. I particularly enjoyed Cade’s vulnerability and his pain following his accident. Tasha’s role in Cade’s treatment was beautiful and despite the inevitable hurdle along the way towards their HEA, I didn’t find the story overly vexing.

You will definitely need to read Fighting for Devlin before starting Shut Up and Kiss Me as it sets the scene for Cade’s post-accident story but also because Devlin and Rena play an active part in this story as well.

Copy received via Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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