Review: The Score

Wednesday, 13 January 2016
The Score The Score by Elle Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That was Dean-licious!!!

I have thoroughly loved each and every book so far in this series. They are entertaining, easy to read, heartfelt and passionate.

Dean was the enigma up until now. A rich boy who plays down his wealth but a man-whore who is on a mission to have sex with every girl who crosses his path. He is confident, attractive and cute as hell, so who couldn't resist his charms?

Meet Allie, Hannah best friend and recently single after her on again, off again relationship with Sean has finally ended, for good this time. When she try to escape from Sean's endless pleas about getting back together, she finds herself at Garrett's house and being taken care of by Dean. Dean is Dean though and despite being warned off Allie decides to pursue her anyway. There is no escape for Allie though as Dean decides he needs just one more taste of her!

Dean had so many more layers than expected. He is from the perfect upbringing, living in a perfect world but when that world is turned upside down it is left to Allie to put him back together.

I really enjoyed seeing a softer side to Dean and this literally made my heart squeeze for him. Allie was his perfect partner though and together they told a rewarding story.

Next up is Tucker's book and with the bombshell at the end of The Score, readers certainly have some questions they need answers to ASAP.

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