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Tuesday, 10 October 2017
Scorched Scorched by Jade C. Jamison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“We’ve always got the music, man…and music always makes everything better. Music would always be the cure.”

This was a thoroughly enjoyable story of young and forbidden love as Sam Archer falls for his young next door neighbour.

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Sam heads in search of solitude but finds himself living next door to a girl who simply takes his breath away.

Fighting to remember that Gracelyn Ward is much younger than him, and with a beguiling innocence, Sam struggles to keep his distance from Grace but with all good romance stories, Sam’s efforts are in vain as both he and Grace become enamoured with each other.

What starts out as a simple, and unexpected, friendship eventually becomes more as Sam and Grace take tentative steps towards love. Sam, having had multiple partners, is conscious of Grace’s innocence but doesn’t realise the full extent of it until their fate is sealed. Sam tries to be open and honest with Grace and is keen to extend the same courtesy to her parents, but Grace is hesitant and their relationship becomes clandestine and you can’t help but await the inevitable fallout.

Whilst I loved the way Sam and Grace fell for each other, I struggled to come to terms with the age difference. Whilst she is 19 years old and clearly an adult, the way she has been protected by her parents and their religious beliefs, makes her come across much younger. I don’t know if that was the intention or just the way Grace appears to readers but her lack of sexual experience means she is the polar opposite of the groupies of the same age that Sam faces regularly. That said, what feels like an almost seemingly impossible romance becomes a reality as Sam falls in love with Grace.

I didn’t think anyone could rival Clay/Jet but Sam Archer managed to turn me upside down with his sweet, caring and tender ways. Gone was the hardcore rocker and in its place, we get to see the real man behind the showman. I loved the way he tried to protect Grace from the problems that their relationship would inevitably bring and when he realised that she was it for him, he comes back to her doing what he does best.

As expected with Jade C Jamison, this was a well-written story and not without the usual band references that she is known and loved for.
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