Review: Say It Again

Tuesday 28 January 2020

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just what the conclusion to this amazing series needed not one, not two but three kick-ass women!

I didn't think Sasha could meet her match but when she returns to the school where she was trained and moulded she comes across another orphan, Claire, who is as bright and strong as she is, and only 18.

Sasha, bored of her drama-free life, heads to Richter to find answers and a new direction but what she stumbles across finds her wanting to help the students there avoid the trappings of their destinies. When Sasha is approached by AJ Hofmann in a bar she presumes he is just hitting on her until she realises he is the brother of her old and now dead classmate, Amelia Hofmann. Seeking answers to why Amelia was killed, AJ asks Sasha for her help and before long they are investigating numerous deaths and one missing person.

Knowing that she can't investigate Amelia from inside the secure fortress that is Richter, Sasha asks Reed for his assistance and before long the whole security team is involved. AJ is stunned to find himself being flown around the world on private jets and staying at luxury mansions but he soon comes to realise that Sasha and her friends wield a lot of financial power.

This story takes readers across Europe and back to the US as Sasha tries to reveal just who is recruiting the students from Richter. With AJ at her side though, she finds herself becoming too comfortable with having a man supporting her emotionally and the tough egg starts to crack as her outer shell starts to weaken thanks to the attention AJ bestows upon her. AJ is the perfect man for Sasha. I really had no idea who would be able to tame her wild and independent ways but AJ knows just how to handle her emotionally and physically.

I really enjoyed the sexual tension between Cooper and Claire and would love to see how their working relationship pans out. Olivia was also a force of nature and a real challenge to Sasha's skills. Poor Lars experienced her strength first hand with a really funny but brief scene and show of dominance.

I'm sorry to see this series end and I can't wait to dive into new stories from this author. That said, I'm sure there could be more First Wives stories yet to be written and I'd love to read Claire and Olivia's stories!!!


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