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Tuesday 9 August 2016
Savage Things Savage Things by Callie Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Will we ever get enough of Zeth Mayfair?!!!

For me, absolutely not. Zeth is the epitome of a diamond in the rough as he taunts and teasers readers with his dark and brooding personality.

Right from the very beginning of this book, our heart strings are pulled as we witness yet more pain and suffering for poor Mason Reeves. From a fleeting memory, to the present day battle he faces with his sister’s deteriorating health, Mason struggles to find the money to maintain Millie’s healthcare. With her medical condition seemingly getting worse, Mason, and Millie, find themselves in the care of Sloane. Not knowing of her connection to Zeth, Mason struggles to know what to do for the best to ensure he has enough health cover to fight the even bigger battles he knows Millie will face. Sloane is Sloane though, and not averse to breaking a few hospital rules, offers Mason a lifeline in order to maintain Millie’s treatment a little longer.

As if Mason doesn't have enough to worry about with Millie, he also has Agent Lowell breathing down his throat as she determinedly tries to find evidence against Zeth to link him to the body found in the mountains. Mason is torn between his loyalties but Lowell knows just how to inflict the maximum amount of threat in order to make Mason dance to her tune. When Sloane finds out that Mason is working with Lowell, she immediately tells Zeth and Mason’s problems escalate.

Despite the story focussing mainly around Mason and Millie, we still spend a lot of time with Zeth as he starts to feel pressure himself, from the Barbieri family in New York. After sending an envoy to convince Zeth to join them, Zeth’s now relatively quiet life looks to be one again under threat as war is declared.

To compliment the sharp edges to this story, we also experience sadness and hope as Mason’s pain continues and Sloane finds herself facing a difficult decision herself. Michael, as ever, is always at hand to support both Zeth and Sloane though and with his life as mysterious as always, readers are left wondering just what he is hiding in his love life.

The book ends with some delicious storylines ahead. With Zeth ready to retaliate against the Barbieri family, Sloane and Zeth, looking to the future together, and Agent Lowell’s never ending obsession with Zeth, I for one can't wait for more.

I fear that Callie Hart will never get to escape Zeth Mayfair as his attraction doesn't seem to diminish. Despite this series being a spin-off from the hugely successful Blood & Roses series, it still feels like part of that original series but with different adversaries providing the danger. Mason adds a fresh feel to the story though as we're treated to a bad-boy in training. With his life now shattered, he is likely to come out fighting in an attempt to avenge the darkness he now finds himself in.

This is clearly another hit from Callie Hart. Her writing continues to mesmerize and her storytelling is magical. I can't recommend her books, and amazing characters, strongly enough!

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