Review: Rock the Viper

Monday 10 February 2014
Rock the Viper Rock the Viper by Sammie J.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was one of those one-click “I really shouldn’t have but I’m really glad I did” treats.

Returning to earth after a total book hangover, I needed something which was an easy read and a return to sanity fix and Rock The Viper fitted the bill perfectly.

Yeah, I love my band-based books and yeah, I love my paranormal books so this for me was probably a no brainer but still, I really loved the concept of rock stars who are vampires.

Written from three different POVs, the story is told from the eyes of Peppa, an internet cafĂ© owner; Noah, Peppa’s roommate’s brother and owner of Devil Records; and *swoon* Juan, a drummer and vampire with the band Viper. The concept of three POVs for me worked well but at times the story was taking a few too many steps backwards before moving on, but that is literally my only criticism and possibly the reason I have given this book a 4/5* and not more.

In an attempt to refresh her relationship with her boyfriend, Peppa has one of those, oh no I really shouldn’t have done that moments, and as a result splits up with her boyfriend, and employee of Devil Records, Jacob. In order to help her to move on, Peppa’s friends take her out to where Viper are playing. Seeing Jacob across the bar, Peppa is keen to avoid another confrontation but instead finds herself talking to Noah and soon starts to see him in a new light. Having upset her a long time ago, Peppa has always disliked Noah but she starts to change her mind, that is until Juan strolls up and suddenly the three of them find themselves experiencing a WTF moment.
My body ignites for this man I don’t care anymore what this thing is between us, I’m ready to embrace it, to give myself over to these feelings.
The story progresses with Noah, Juan and Peppa coming to terms with their feelings for one-another but Jacob has other ideas though and is not keen to let Peppa go without a fight.

The rest of Viper are as equally dee-lish and you are drawn to Cruz and Saul as much as you are to Juan but Juan is the ultimate alpha male in this story and even the man-whore who is Noah finds himself out of his depth and experiencing feelings he has not felt before.
Don’t ever doubt what I feel for you is real, I may not be human, but I feel like one, my humanity still exists. Yes I need blood to live and my heart no longer beats, but I’m not a monster.
As the author says, this book has M/F/M & M/M loving which was an additional treat for those who like these books. The storyline was well written though and believable and natural, well apart from Juan being a vampire, and although I can sometimes be put off such books, this for me was extremely well written with the sexiness of the relationships not overpowering the storylines at all.
If this is what hell feels like then send me straight there.
This book did end on a forewarned cliffie though but the good news is the author has confirmed that the next book is in the pipeline, which is such a relief because I need so much more from Viper.

Finally, I loved that this book was written in British English, such a welcome change.

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