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Thursday, 20 November 2014
Razorblade Kisses Razorblade Kisses by R.L. Griffin
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5+++ Stars

If there's one book you have to read during 2015 it's Razorblade Kisses. This story is emotive, it's painful, it's stunning, it's hopeful but most of all it's beautifully told. From pain and desolation comes love and happiness but not without hurdles and cruelty beyond words.

Emery is 16 and living a life you'd never want a child to live. After getting arrested, she meets Rachel and they "click" and for the first time in 4 years, Emery has hope.

Escaping her home life, she turns her back on her sister and hopes that she too won't experience the horrors that she endured almost daily. With Rachel and Derrick's help and support, she leaves and becomes someone else, someone without a past and someone with the chance of living an abuse-free life.

Emery becomes Emily and heads to Nashville to live a new life with Rachel's cousin Noah she soon finds some semblance of happiness and also love; love for a man who doesn't hurt her but who she knows she will hurt.

Life is simple for a while and Emily finds peace that is until she is found and flees again, this time to Savannah and into a new life this time as Emma. It's in Savannah that she finds true happiness and true love and the man that tries to show her that she can find her HEA even though Emma knows that her heart will be broken once again and that living a life of deception with Tim isn't possible.

When tragedy strikes again Emma is forced to run once more but this time from herself and the pain she has inflicted on so many people who have helped her and trusted her. All she wants is to be forgotten and creating yet another persona for herself she waits to die. Erika has no-one, wants no-one and is no-one but will the first man she came to trust be able to save her from herself and her past?

I loved his story. It did portray horrors and sadly realistic truths but it was told sensitively and had obviously been well thought out. The bond between Rachel and Emery was truly heartfelt:
The click that sounded so long ago when they’d been arrested was for life; they belonged together like chocolate and peanut butter. It’s true what they say, sometimes the monsters win, but she’d battled hers and she’d survived.
I was so glad I took a chance on is book and its author. I've not read such a rewarding story in a while and whilst it was a painful read at times there was always hope and trust but most of all love.

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