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Friday, 15 January 2016
The Protector The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just like a naked romp through a field of bluebells, this is sure to be another hit for JEM!

It’s been a while since I read anything by Jodi Ellen Malpas. I’m always hesitant when an author has reached such a pinnacle with a previous series and fearful that they won’t be able to emulate it. For me, leaving the author’s writing well alone up to now seems to have worked because I was swept away by The Protector . Whilst I could still feel JEM’s pulse coming through her writing, the story held a purity to it which was untainted by a certain “Jesse Ward” .

One thing JEM does write, extremely well, is a strong alpha-male. Jesse may never be beaten in that category but Jake Sharp more than makes up the numbers in JEM’s every growing arsenal of dream-worthy characters. Jake is ex-military, and an all-round bad boy with sharp edges. With a fiercely protective personality – which is good given he’s a bodyguard – and a painful memory he can’t escape, he’s just crying out to be fixed. Enter Camille Logan, an “It” girl living in London. To the gossip mags, she is an entitled, spoilt, rich little girl living off her daddy’s wealth but that is far from the truth. Cami is desperately trying to find her way in a world which she lives through a lens as every aspect of her life is scrutinised by the press. Having fallen from grace, thanks to her drug-addled ex, Sebastian, she is determined to turn a corner and in doing so wants to create a life for herself well away from her father’s controlling personality. With a string of inappropriate suitors in Cami’s past, her father is looking to match her up with someone dependable, but boring. Before any of his plans can be put into motion though, Cami becomes the target of anonymous threats. Cami is her father’s little star and, despite his shady background, he’s determined to keep her safe and there’s only one man for that job: Jake Sharp.

Jake is living on a diet of work, women and drink and when one is lacking, the others fill the gap. With no suitable jobs on the horizon, Jake considers turning down the bodyguard job to protect Cami. With his dark clouds building though, he agrees to take on her protection and soon becomes swept away by all that is Cami. Not only stunning on the outside, Jake quickly falls for her inner beauty and her need for independence. Keeping Jake on his toes becomes a game to her that is, until Sebastian raises his ugly head again then all bets are off. Torn between beating Sebastian to a pulp and saving Cami, Jake struggles to control his anger but one glance at Cami and he knows that he can’t resist her charms any longer. A job is a job and personal feelings never come into play for Jake but with one touch of Cami’s skin, he knows that she may be just the person to save him from the demons on his back.

Side by side, Cami and Jake fight to be together and free of the dangers and darkness that over shadows them but will they truly ever be free of what, or whom, controls their lives?

I really enjoyed this story. Set in London helped and a healthy dose of English colloquial terms made this book a refreshing change. I appreciate that JEM isn’t swayed by the strength of the US book market and stays true to her roots and doesn’t try the make her writing become too Americanised. Whilst I enjoyed the book, I didn’t fully connect with either Jake or Cami. Yes, their individual stories were to be relished, and I did appreciate their struggles, but I just didn’t feel that soul deep bond, for some reason, until the end of the book. Maybe I’m still under Jesse’s spell! Whilst an enjoyable story, with some twists and turns, I greedily still wanted more. The book felt slight long in-between excitement and because of this I am, I guess, rather harshly giving this story 4 stars. I absolutely LOVED the end of the story though and I could re-read the last 10% again, and again.

Definitely a book to recommend to my friends and followers though. Taking the magic that is “JEM” away from the equation, this would still be a hugely successful book and a pleasure to have read and reviewed.

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