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Wednesday 15 January 2014
Power Play Power Play by Mallery Malone
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Mmmm Raphael Jerroult aka the Crescent City Casanova..... sorry, where was I? Oh yes, this is the story of the second of the three Lost Boys. I thought Sebastian ticked all my boxes but then came Raphael! I dread to think the affect Gabriel (the Bayou Beast) will have on me.

Raphael is missing something in his life and that something is Macy Lovelace the girl that he loved but set free 8 years ago.

It's at Bas and Renata's party that Raphael's dreams are answered though as he sees Macy across the room. Raphael rushes to her side but is shocked to come face to face with a cold shoulder.

Macy loved Raphael but was heart broken when he sent her off to Paris only for her to never hear from him again. Despite her best efforts, Raphael could not be found so Macy was forced to continue with her life without him. Shocked to see him again, Macy lets her anger rule her heart and tries to turn her back on him just like he did to her 8 years previous. Raphael is not prepared to give up without a fight though and does everything in his power to win back Macy's trust. Is this a fight that Raphael will win though?

This is yet another well written story from Mallery Malone. I personally would have preferred these stories to have been longer with more depth to them but they are still really enjoyable and a nice read if you're looking for something relatively quick and enjoyable with a HEA.

I can't wait for the final instalment in this series. I wonder what Gabriel will have in store for us readers!

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