Review: Playing for Keeps

Sunday 10 August 2014
Playing for Keeps Playing for Keeps by Glenda Horsfall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How far would you go to spice up your love life? Would you reveal your darkest fantasies or would you continue to live in the shadow of who you really are? Playing For Keeps tells just that story.

Cassie and Matt have reached a cross-roads in their relationship. She wants Matt to push his sexual boundaries but will his reluctance to give Cassie what she wants cost him her heart?

After a disastrous first attempt at satisfying Cassie's needs, Matt takes things into his own hands and in doing so opens both himself and Cassie up to a world of new erotic experiences and challenges.

Matt suspects Cassie of having submissive tenancies but not in his wildest dreams did his expect to find what he did when he slowly peeled back her layers. A weekend unlike no other takes their lives in a totally new direction and one which will ultimately reveal the fascinating world of BDSM. Cassie has read about it but now is the time for her to live it!

This is ultimately a story of love between two people and what they must overcome to save their relationship from a slow and painful death by... sexual frustration!

This is the first, much awaited, book from Glenda Horsfall and one which will delight erotica readers worldwide. It's extremely hot, full of mind blowing orgasms and scenes which will melt your e-reader. It you love your erotic romance then you will love this story.

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