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Monday, 10 October 2016
Patchwhore Patchwhore by Kim Jones
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That's one Cook I'd like to have in my kitchen!

Another fascinating story from Kim Jones giving us an insight into the lifestyle of RCs and MCs.

This book portrayed a story of revenge for the female lead: Carmen. Scorned by her ex-boyfriend, Jud, who is now a patchholder of the Eagles RC, Carmen decides that the only way to get over him is to get under his brothers and in doing so, she voluntarily becomes a Patchwhore as she works her way up through the club ranks.

Without much of a plan, other than revenge, Carmen finds herself in uncharted territory until she is befriended by Kat, a waitress who already lives within the RC/MC lifestyle and knows the local members. But it’s not Kat who turns out to be Carmen’s largest proponent in her plan, that would be Cook, a Prospect with the Devil’s Renegades MC. Cook offers Carmen guidance and in doing so, the two become close and eventually their unexpected friendship becomes sexual. Carmen is delighted to have yet another man to use to make Jud jealous but she is stunned when she Jud laughs at her for dating a Prospect. Determined to move on with her plan, Carmen asks Cook, and Kat, to help her. Despite having reservations, Cook supports Carmen and in doing so, protects her from unknown dangers. Whilst her plan was to sleep with as many members as she can, Carmen’s non-relationship with Cook has its boundaries and that means she can’t have sex with anyone else but Cook and unbeknownst to Jud, he assumes that more is going on when he sees her with many different brothers.

As the story progresses, each chapter becomes a new date and a new attempt for Carmen to punish Jud. Whilst the series of dates starts off interesting, their impacts soon waivers as it becomes clear that Carmen has no interest in these men. Whilst her decisions are poorly thought out, Carmen unwittingly has the Devil’s Renegades MC President, Ronnie, working in the background to scupper her plans and it’s not long before she realises that her dates are being deliberately cut short.

The story has a split feel to it. One one side it focuses on Carmen and her plan to be a Patchwhore and on the other side we get a sweet romance building between her and Cook. Cook is the perfect character to compliment Carmen’s, less than favourable persona. Whilst she determinedly works to call Jud to heel, Carmen is blind to the feeling she has growing within her for Cook. I loved the interactions with Ronnie and also the feeling of club life when Carmen starts to ingratiate herself with its members. What I didn’t enjoy was the way that Carmen was happy to become known as a Patchwhore just for the sake of revenge. I probably would have accepted someone who had become a Patchwhore out of desperation and need but for Carmen, a bright student who comes from a wealthy family, with a self-less need to succeed on her own, to actively wish to become a Patchwhore just took the story a step too far. That said, I once again loved Kim Jones’ writing and the story, when taken lightly, was an enjoyable one.

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