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Tuesday, 25 August 2015
Out of Plans Out of Plans by Stylo Fantome
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I simply love this author and everything she writes but the Mercenaries duo is just perfection. From explosions and fights, and that’s just between Marc and Lily, readers are treated to Stylo’s special form of entertainment thanks to an immaculately developed and executed storyline.
“I’m a bad man, Lily. I’ve done awful things. But you, you are the best thing I’ve ever done.”
We meet up once again with Lily and Kingsley Law (oosh, that man needs his own story, stat) as Lily prepares herself, without Marc, for her ultimate showdown with Anatoly Stankovski, the man who killed her sister. After training under Kingsley’s tutelage for 6 months, Lily is now a sleek and skilled killing machine and ready to exact revenge for her sister’s death. As expected though, her plans once again overlap with Marc’s and it’s not long before the two are at war, with each other.
They were something better. Something unified. Something unbreakable.
Despite her best intentions, Lily can’t hide her feelings from Marc and it’s not long before they can’t resist their interminable attraction to each other and together, with their faithful sidekick, Kingsley, they set their sights on tracking down Stankovski. But will the three of them succeed in their “plan” or will one or all of them die trying to get to Stankovski.
“The next time we take a job,” she said her words slowly, “we’ll make sure it’s something easy. Like hamster theft.”
I love the banter between these three amazing characters. From Kingsley’s cool wit to Lily’s sass and Marc’s stubbornness, they are a match made in heaven. I didn’t expect to fall in love with yet another character in this series but Damiano Ledo wasn’t what I expected, at all. Despite initially capturing Marc and Lily, and inflicting as much pain as possible on Lily, she is still able to draw out the best in him and it’s not long before Damiano has also fallen for her charms.
“You, Lily, are by far the best thing I’ve ever stolen.”
Lily’s character has certainly developed from her innocent yet beguiling self in book one. In this story she is an out and out mercenary with no qualms about taking even the strongest men down but can she kill when necessary? Lily is a match for any man as she leads Marc and Kingsley into and out of numerous dangerous situations. Even injured, she has the strength and determination to succeed and can push through unimaginable pain to protect those she loves.

If you enjoy stories that pack a punch then you will definitely love this serial. Don’t forget to follow the author’s Facebook page for even more insight into her stories, characters and plotlines and even her character's preferred weapons. There is certainly a lot more to Stylo’s writing than what appears in her books!

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