Review: One to Protect

Wednesday 15 January 2014
One to Protect One to Protect by Tia Louise
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I can't believe we're up to book three in the One to Hold series already.

Life is continuing for the foursome of Patrick and Elaine and Melissa and Derek but there is still one shadow in Melissa's past that needs to be stopped.

In this instalment, Derek and Melissa are trying to find a way to be rid of Sloan, Melissa's ex, once and for all. Sloan is sneaky though and plays mind games with the pair and it is up to Derek and Patrick, who form an unlikely partnership with the woman who once set Patrick up, to finally find a way of stopping Sloan's attempts to hurt Melissa.

Sloan is a mean SOB and after someone connected to him is found dead, Patrick and Derek know the time has come to act before any more innocent girls are harmed, or even killed.

The story is an enjoyable one and provides more insights into each pair as they try to continue with their relationships.

There is no cliff-hanger and a HEA!!!

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