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Wednesday 15 January 2014
One to Love One to Love by Tia Louise
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You know you've read a good book when you keep repeating the characters' names in your head as your own personal homage to their brilliance in the storyline. For me, Kenny and Slayde are my new personal mantra. I love these two characters so fiercely that I want them to recreate their magic every day for ever, and ever, and ever..... do you know what I mean?

So, we met Kenny in One to Keep when she and Patrick met, hooked up, and then out popped baby Lane. Since then the threesome, including Patrick's Fiancee, Elaine, have settled into a unusual life, with Lane living with Patrick and Elaine and Kenny visiting every couple of weeks.

Life is stable for Kenny but she is still struggling to move on from her husband's murder. Now working as a personal trainer, life is stable for Kelly that is until a mysterious stranger starts working at the gym.

Slayde has a secret past and is desperate to carve a new life for himself and to try to move on from the life changing event that he experienced years before. Needing a job, but without any references, he's relieved when Rook, the gym's owner, gives him a job as a cleaner. Struggling financially, Rook and the others at the gym try surreptitiously to help Slayde without upsetting this proud man.

When Kenny returns to work she immediately sets her eyes on Slayde and suddenly her life is about to change but will it be for the better?

Kenny and Slayde are seriously attracted to each other and it's not long before they fall into a steamy romance which as a reader you feel right down to your toes!

I've got to give it to Tia, she has one sexy imagination and you'll see what I mean when you read the book. The things that happen on that boardwalk, well, let's just say, WOW, who'd have known art was so HOT!

From the eroticism of the storyline you also get the sweetness that pulls at your heartstrings and makes you go all mushy inside (yeah, even I felt it) so when Kenny and Slayde's hands are thrust together I turned into a puddle of emotions.

I hoped that I'd love this book and I wasn't disappointed. From start to end I was hooked and pulled into the story with such force I was helpless to resist the emotion, pain, hope and most of all love and happiness.

As expected, things don't go to plan for Kenny and Slayde and when their secrets are revealed you'll be shocked into wondering whether their love can continue to grow or is it the end for this beautifully damaged pair.

The story sets up the next book perfectly and now all I can think about is Stuart and hopefully Mariska!!!

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